Best Bars of Street 130

What are teh best bars of Street 130? Angeles City has Fields Avenue, Hong Kong has Wan Chai, Siem Reap has Sok San Road and Phnom Peng has street 130.

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In actual fact there is much more than just street 130, with about 5 parallel roads either side offering “friendly”  bars of some description or another.

Whether you are looking for pleasures of the flesh, or not (I will add that I certainly was not), Street 130 is a truly buzzing place with an amazing atmosphere. There’s street food galore, cocktail bars, restaurants, and of course girly bars!

There are literally so many bars on this street that it is nigh on impossible, and fairly useless to list them all, I have therefore decided to list the top ones to visit for value and people watching on Street 130, Phnom Penh.

Best resto-bar on street 130

Cheers Bar, Riverside Corner of 136

Definitely not a girly bar, and located directly on the corner of the street. Plays live football matches and they have the ladies wear football shirts, which is quite nice. Beers for 75 cents and probably the best lok-lak I have had since coming to Cambodia. I actually messed up as this on the corner of street 136, but I have left it in regardless.

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Harry’s Bar and Grill

Not actually on Street 130, but close enough to warrant a mention from your humble author. Great local pub vibe, $1 a beer and they serve great ribs!

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Best Happy Hour Deal – Pony Tails Street 130

Just past the halfway point of Street 130 lies Pony Tails, they offer two beers for $1.50 from 6-9pm, by far the best and longest happy hour on the strip. These are though weird times we are living in and I found myself the only customer in there…

Most iconic bar on street 130 Angry Birds Bar

street 130 Angry Birds Bar

This place is a bit legendary, simply because it has one of the laziest bar names in history, but hey it works. Staff are friendly, nothing much like a happy hour, but well worth sticking your head into.

Best 24 hour bar on Street 130 – Street 130 GastroPub

Street 130 GastroPub

Have a weird Happy Hour, which pretty much excludes when you need a happy hour.. This at exactly the halfway point of the street, big bright red lights and hey it is open for food and drinks 24/7, it certainly serves a purpose.

Most friendly bar on Street 130 – Rosanna Bar

Rosanna Bar - Street 130 Best Bars
Rosanna Bar

On entry I grabbed a beer and my booth was immediately filled with very friendly ladies! Compared to other bars they were not at all pushy and the banter was pretty good. Nice lively place with decent music.

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