Midget Boxing Manila

Midget boxing Manila is a thing, I’m even friends with one of the boxers.

Years ago when I first started visiting the Philippines I was told of a legendary place called the Hobbit House where midgets were given gainful employment in a bar.

It was a little overpriced, but I made some friends and even ended up out clubbing with the whole staff one time (quite the evening). Sadly market forces beat altruism in the end and it is now closed. I miss the Hobbit House in Ermita.

But there’s another midget employing venue that has stood the test of time, Ringside Bar on Burgos Street.

Ringside Bar Manila

I first discovered the place after forming my stag company GNTours when a guest asked if they could “hire a midget”, eventually I met one of the main fighters Jimmy and we became fast friends.

Now how to describe midget boxing Manila and indeed Ringside Bar? Well it’s an overpriced bar in the girly bar district of Manila where you can go and watch not only midgets, but also ladies box, wrestle and generally beat the shit out of each other.

Now I know there will be people out there who this as somehow exploitative, which it is to an extent, but in a country where there is so much abject poverty this really is the lesser of two evils.

And as for my mate Jimmy the midget? He’s happy to be working, and my word does he have a sweet left hook.

Midget boxing Manila

Visit Ringside Bar is you get the chance, it’s pretty fun, just don’t run a tab, or use your credit card.

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