What is there to eat on the Trans-Siberian Railway – The 1 Survival Guide

What is there to eat on the Trans-Siberian Railway? When it comes to spending 6+ days on a train there are many thoughts that go through peoples heads! How does you wash on a train? Don’t you get bored spending a week on a train? And indeed what is there to eat on the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Having now taken this journey 5 times, I consider myself a Trans-Siberian veteran. Here’s my guide to surviving the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Trans-Siberian vs Trans-Mongolian Railway

When people talk about taking the TRans-Siberian they actually use multiple lines interchangeably. There’s the Trans-Siberian, which is the Trans-Siberian. I’ll break down the different routes

The original Trans-Siberian is from Moscow to Vladivostok and takes 5 night, 7 days days.

Then theres the Trans-Siberian from Moscow to Beijing (not via Mongolia) this takes roughly 7 nights, 8 days. This takes you through the heart of north-east China.

Then there’s Moscow to Pyongyang, which is a whole other bag of vegetables. You can read about that here.

Then there’s the Trans-Mongolian that takes roughly 6 days. This is probably the most interesting, and goes from Beijing, through Mongolia and onto Moscow (same the other way around). This is the one I have personally taken the most, so will be guiding you on today.

What do you need to bring for the Trans-Siberian Railway?

Well!!! That is a HUGE question, which we will post a better link that goes into great depth about this. BUT, warm clothes (you are going to Siberia). Comfy clothe stop hang out in your room (it is warm) and stuff to do. Bring books and a pen to write stuff.

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Does the Trans-Siberian Railway have wifi?

Does the Trans-Siberian Railway have wi-fi? The short answer to this is that no, the Soviet era trains do not have wifi. And this is a very good thing!

Of course you could buy sim cards and spend the whole time online, but look at this as a great excuse not to be online for a while.

What is there to eat on the Trans-Siberian Railway – Restaurant Carts

Working on the theory that you are taking the Trans-Mongolian then you will get a a day with a Chinese restaurant cart, a couple with a Mongolian Restaurant cart, but the lions share with a Russian one. The Chinese one is a bit meh, Mongolian OK, but the Russian one they really make the effort.

All deal in their own currencies, so bring sufficient amounts for each place.

What they have will depend on availability and the mood of the chef, but lots of borcsh, meat and potato dishes. Food is not that expensive and you can easily do big meals in each one for less than $10 a day each. You do not though need to do all your meals here!

In my mind the restaurant cart makes a great place dinner, drinks and general socializing. The rest of the meals you can get very adventurous with.

What is there to eat on the Trans-Siberian Railway – stocking up on supplies!

OK, so the best value was o eat on the Trans-Siberian railway is to grab stuff when you stop. There are lots of stops, some just for 10 minutes, but some up to an hour, or more.

In China almost every stop has little shops, but you are not in China all that long.

You get a great long-stop n Ulan-Bator and there si a decent sized market here. Grab bread, sausages, lots of cheeses and drinks. In this part of the world they do big two liter bottles of beer and then there is vodka. Mongolian vodka is pretty good!

When you get to the Russian side things get interesting. Some of the stops are very quick, so if there are a few of you then separate into teams all getting different supplies for the journey. Often times stuff is in different directions. Technically you can’t buy vodka at the stations, but in reality, you can. That simple.

What is there to eat on the Trans-Siberian Railway - The 1 Survival Guide

At many stops there are babushkas (old Russian ladies), selling meats, smoked fish, and all manor of stuff deepening on the stop. Again and as expected have change in Russian roubles ready. By doing this you can stay well stocked up and fed throughout the journey. The restaurant cart makes a change of scenery, but you can easily get your food and booze at the stops.

OK, but 7 days on a train won’t I get bored? What is there to do onto Trans-Siberian Railway?

We get it, 7 days on a train sounds like a long time, what is there to do on the Trans-Siberian Railway and how can you stay sane idling this period?

What is there to eat on the Trans-Siberian Railway - Party in the cabin

I have personally done this journey multiple times. I have done it in big groups, I have done it as a couple. Every time I have brought books with me and I am yet to finish one. Think of this less like a train journey and almost like a cruise. You are constantly stopping at amazing places, the scenery changes all the time. And at night? Party like its 1989 Soviet Style on a train!

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And how do you wash on the Trans-Siberian Railway?

Well, washing is the not the easiest thing in the world! Try and befriend someone in first class (they kind of have a private bathroom), or basically have what they call a wet-wash, or whores bath! Its cold in the bathrooms, so you just wash your bots with a flannel as best as possible.

This may sound a little gross, but in actual fact it is not that bad. It is cold outside and although heated inside you do not sweat so much, this means you tend not to pong! Do though bring deodorant. And remember when you finally do shower in Moscow just how good it will feel!

So if you wondered what is there to eat on the Trans-Siberian Railway – The 1 Survival Guide should get you through this wonderful journey!

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