Funky Flashpackers Siem Reap & A Cornish Pasty

Few would argue that coronavirus has truly fucked with the happiness of many a folk, but when it comes to business it has really separated the strong from the weak.

Siem Reap as a tourist town is a glaring example of this, yes many places have shuttered down the hatches, but a lot of good places have whilst maybe not thrived, have certainly survived. And so I ended up at Funky Backpackers in Siem Reap!

The reasons for me ending up here we can just call vague, but end up here I did to see the former rather foxy waitress from Irish pub Finn McCools serving behind the bar. There was also a Jerseyman (the English version) as a manager.

Where can you get a Cornish pasty in Siem Reap?

Funky Flashpackers Siem Reap

A guy came up to the bar and ordered a Cornish Pasty, my ears widened and my eyes lit up! I asked the manager if it was for real and he conformed that he made real Cornish pasties on site and that for $3.50 not only could I have one, but that it would come with a free beer! Winner winner pasty dinner!

So to describe the pasty? The manager actually informed me that it was recipe of his mothers from Devon, rather than Cornwall, so as they say in Devon a “local pasty”, but whilst it was meat heavy and perhaps lacking in salt it was the genuine real deal, and when mixed with some malt vinegar (and the free beer) made me the perfect lunch.

The best pies in Siem Reap

Funky Flashpackers Siem Reap

Having tried the pasty it was inevitable that I would eventually return to try the pies. And it is with the pies that the manager here really gets quite passionate!!! Theres veggie pies, chicken and mushroom, as well all the other classics you’d expect, as well as some curve balls like Tex-Mex and a “Kiwi” pie. I went for the Kiwi pie which is basically minced beef and cheese, an absolutely amazing affair and again served with a beer.

I was also later to return to try the steak and kidney and Tex-Mex pies. Both were frankly awesome, with the mince, spice and cheese of the Tex-Mex pie really throwing me for 6.

Apparently the pies at Flashpackers have become such a phenomenon that he can hardly keep up with demand. I’ve previously spoken about the pies at Jungle Burger, which are still good, but by far the best pies in Siem Reap are at Funky Flashpackers. $3.50 for a pie and pint! And there’s also a sausage roll for $1.50.

The rest of the menu is a very good western/English affair, with their pizzas apparently being really good too. I can personally attest to the bangers and mash being rather good….

To read about Jungle Burger click here.

Best nightly hotel deal in Siem Reap

Funky Flashpackers Siem Reap do a deal whereby for $25 you can have a $25 bar and food tab and well stay the night for free. One would certainly imagine that this deal is favored towards gentlemen that are taking a lady for a a “date”, because you need to have your passport with you for into work. But to be fair I would, and indeed pre-planned a night here, $25 gets you a lot of food and drink here and the rooms are decent enough. But wait……theres more

Funky Flashpackers Siem Reap

What is the best monthly hotel package in Siem Reap?

For $300 a month excluding electricity Funky Flashpackers Siem Reap will give you a $300 bar tab. That’s right, you can literally stay in Siem Reap for free at a great hotel that has a nice swimming pool. Factor in that breakfast here is amazing ($5) and that a vodka mixer is $2.50 and your $10 a day tab can work pretty well…..

Real English food and free rooms, Funky Backpackers/Flashpackers is the place to be. Oh and I wont bother posting the address, Funky Flashpackers Siem Reap is on Funky Road.

Now which came first the chicken or the egg?

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