Cheapest seafood buffet in Siem Reap – Coconut Plaza

After a long journey to Siem Reap I was hangry. For those not familiar with the term hangry it is a portmanteau of hungry and angry. Long story short it led me to the cheapest seafood buffet in Siem Reap – Coconut Plaza 

Cheap seafood buffet might not sound like a great thing, I mean by very definition bad seafood can literally kill you, so while there might perhaps be cheaper seafood buffets in Siem Reap, this was the perfect safety and price point. Not only that, but as of 6 hours later I am still standing and have not had a stomach explosion.

Where is Coconut Plaza and what’s it all about?

So, while it was sold to me as a seafood buffet, which it is, it is also a regular BBQ in that it has meats, but also has hot-pot fruit and deserts, This was good old fashioned Khmer BBQ, but with an awful lot to pick from the seafood department.

Location wise it is within walking distance of the mediocre Angkor Paradise Hotel, the office of Next Step FC and but minutes from the legend that is Angkor Market the best damned supermarket in Cambodia.

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They open at 4.30 pm as we were to find out and are pretty popular with the locals!

How much is the cheapest seafood buffet in Siem Reap 

OK, so it costs just $7 a person, but literally includes all kinds of seafood and beef. I mean for christi sake they have oysters, good oysters. Think how much oysters cost literally anywhere in the world and then factor in you could come literally just for that.  I personally had about 10, although I do not fall into the category of thinking that oysters are akin to viagra. 

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This was supplemented by really great squid, which Cambodia does better than anyone in my opinion, as well as even crab. OK not the huge crabs that you get in Kep, buy hey remember the $7 thing, yep thats how much it costs. And i’ll add to this that while I loved the $7 price tag, it was also probably the least I would pay. Would you trust a $4 all you can eat buffet serving fresh seafood? 

And then theres the whole beef and Khmer dessert part. I know beef is not seafood, but it is essential for all things related to Khmer BBQ. Once again I had mine largely on the rare side and have not yet died.

Things were finished with a smorgasbord of Khmer desserts a firm finish to fine meal, that even with drinks won’t hit 10 bucks a person.

You won’t see this in foreign food guides, but for the cheapest seafood buffet in Siem Reap Coconut Plaza ticked all my special boxes. 

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