Best sandwich in Phnom Penh – Cambodia’s Number 1 Subway

Where is the best sandwich in Phnom Penh? And is there a Subway Sandwich in Cambodia? These are some very easily answered questions and indeed they largely intertwine with each other, with some McDonalds intrigue even thrown into the mix.

The Subway submarine sandwich scene in Cambodia

Sandwiches are a funny thing, in many ways they are best made at home, why so? Because you can be as disgusting and weird as you like. Three slices, 5 cheeses, mustard and garlic sauce? Why not!

And there is only one restaurant that lets you get as imaginative as you want with a sandwich and this is Subway Sandwiches and their 6-12 inch submarines. Sadly, or luckily there is no Subway Sandwiches in Phnom Penh, or Cambodia – which must mean a gap in the market right?

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Best Sandwich shops in Phnom Penh

Sp, whilst you can get a sandwich in most western joins, particularly by the riverside, there are few places that serve a really good sub. I had heard about the sandwich shop on Street 172, so went to give that a ago. I’ll be polite – it ad good burgers, but the drunk barang talking about how clever Mugabe was and the lack of sandwich innovation put me off.

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This put me in the steady search for the best sandwich in Phnom Penh, and the word on  the Street was head to Moly’s Sandwich Shop on the other end of Street 172, ironically opposite “The Vine” want a Big Mac in Phnom Penh? Read about The Vine here .

It was therefore only fitting that is you want the “best subway” in Phnom Penh, you would find it in the same area.

Molly’s Sandwich Shop – The best Sandwich in Phnom Penh

Molly’s Sandwich shop is a really nondescript restaurant on Street 172, you would not notice it, nor go to it unless you were looking for it, and looking for it I was. On entry I was to learn that Molly was not just a generic store name, but Molly is the larger than life character out there baking the bread and making the sandwiches every day.

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And Molly’s Sandwich shop certainly has a story! Molly spent years working for US military contractors, and would you guess it, but most US military bases have a Subway Sandwich Shop. She’s been all around Africa and the Middle-East and through that learned to make Subway style sandwiches. She’s been back for 4 years and Molly’s Sandwich shop has not only became the best best sandwich joint in the capital, but also the most iconic.

Subway Sandwich in Phnom Penh – same same, but different

The menus is eclectic and has all the classics like Italian, meatballs subs, roast beef and well you name it they got. She bakes her own fresh bread and all the added bits that you would get at Subway, including the sauces.

Can you build your own sandwich at Molly’s? You most certainly can and she will even let you go behind the counter and Do It Yourself – Yep DIY sandwiches in the heart of the Kingdom.

The best sandwich shop also has great cookies and drinks

Subway has cookies, so Molly’s also has cookies. We tried the chocolate chip, which was frankly amazing. Drinks wise she has root beer and bitter lemon, two classics I have scarcely seen in Phnom Penh! She says that she gets the drinks she likes, which works with the punters.

She also has beer, but you can’t just sit in there and drink, which seems to keep out the undesirables at least. There were no Mugabe talking mongering barang in the shop. In fact most of her work is delivery, which she says is a shame as she would like to meet more of her customers.

Want the best sandwich in Phnom Penh? Take a trip to see Molly’s Sandwiches, the food is great and Molly is frankly a hoot. It certainly beats Dirty Old Sailor .

And at the end you can drop into Sundance for sundowner – Street 172 is not without its charms.

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