UK Brewers Investing in No Alcohol Beers

I think the reason I read the Guardian is the same as why I used to read the Daily Mail. Essentially I do it to anger myself.

Apparently no alcohol beers or non-alcoholic beers are gonna be the next big thing, and so much so that there’s even been a “pop-up” non-alcoholic beer bar. That’s right a bar that doesn’t serve alcoholic drinks. Rather like a cafe, well exactly like a café, but with more hipster twats.

Now whilst I can give some semblance of understanding (if not like) to booze less beers, they even have an alcohol free liquor now. It’s called Seedlip, and well, erm, what the hell is the point in a booze-free liquor? We already have it, you get a rum and coke without the rum, it’s called a coke.

Funnily enough, all this hipster crap might feel new and exciting, but it’s all been done before, and usually by the god squad. You can read about Temperance Bars here, which were “pubs” that only sold stuff like Dandelion and Burdock, and Ginger Beer.

Although with all things considered I’d probably rather a fruity soft drink with a quaker than a vegan gluten-free beer with a hipster, but that’s just me.

Overall though, and this is just like the smoking ban when all the people who didn’t go to pubs suddenly would (we are still waiting). If you don’t want to get drunk, please just stay at home, or visit a café. Some of us really don’t want to change.

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