Harry’s Bar and Grill

#219E Street 2 Preah Sisowath Quay Riverfront, Phnom Penh 12204 Cambodia+855 96 865 6177

During my first month in Phnom Penh I kept walking past this place and thinking “man I should try the ribs here”. Partly because they looked good, and partly because Harry is one of my many names!

Well I finally got around to going here. Harrys Bar and Grill Phnom Penh is located on the riverfront, not far from fan favorites like Cheers, and of course the girly bars of Street 130.

Whilst looking at the menu outside the English manager came out to say that aside from the menu they’d cook whatever fancied, including bangers and mash. I did not want bangers and mash, but I liked the the enthusiasm!

The Menu at Harrys Bar and Grill

Menu at Harrys Bar and Grill

Very solid, with everything from Khmer dishes to steaks. I went for the ribs as it was the main thing they were advertising. Beers are cheap at $1 a draft, although that is 25 cents more than in other bars……

Where are my ribs?

Through talking to three different servers for whatever reason our ribs didn’t get ordered. I personally didn’t mind all that much as I had got talking to a londoner and was knocking beer $1 beers, but when they realized the mistake they gave us our drinks on the house. This was unexpected and I think a top move when it comes to customer service. I will definitely be going back here at Harry’s Bar and Grill.

Beer at Harry’s

How were the ribs at Harrys Bar and Grill?

Only $10 and literally melted off the bone, I was able to eat it with knife and fork. I’m not sure if they are the best ribs in Phnom Penh, but they are probably at least the best ribs on the riverside!

And Harrys Bar?

Beer at Harrys Bar and Grill

Really nice atmosphere and seemingly a friendly clientele, definitely the kind of place that I can see myself stopping in every now and again. And well, you have to respect any bar where the staff drink more than the punters!

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