Best place to watch football in Phnom Penh

What is the best place to watch football in Phnom Penh? Well that was quite the night, durian beer, pickled eggs, lychee martinis and England finally beating Germany in a major tournament.

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With the group games and second round out of the way the Euro 2020 football tournament is really getting to an exciting crescendo, great news for bars that have big screens and football on the telly! But what is the best place to watch football in Phnom Penh?

Cheers Bar – Riverside

Cheers Bar opposite Olala used to the best priced place to watch the beautiful game, with cheap beers and the ambience only made better by the waitresses being decked out in different football kits.

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Cheers Bar ha now been closed for a while, whether they will reopen, or not is anyones guess, although it looks more like they are renovating, rater than having given up the ghost entirely.

Best Place to Watch the European Championship in Phnom Penh – Score Bar

Currently the most popular sports bar to watch the Euros os Score Bar, probably the most well known sports bar in Phnom Penh, up in the BKK area. The bar is huge, operating on two floors, BUT it fills up very very quickly – particularly on big game nights, such as England vs Germany!

What are the drink prices like at Score Bar Phnom Penh?

Best place to watch football
Best place to watch football

The drink and food menu is everything you would expect from a sports bar, with burgers, pizzas, fries and all that kind of jazz. Technically they have well priced 3 liter draft beer, but they were out of it last night.

You can though get pitchers of cocktails for $15, and mixed drinks such as a Gin and Tonic for $3 – not riverside prices, but reasonable enough.

Best Place to Watch Football in Phnom Penh – LIVE

When the Euros finally do finish then most people will go back to aiming for the Premier League to start again blissfully unaware that Cambodia actually has its own very good quality national league.

The season has so far been on hiatus from a mixture of Covid-19 and the international break, but games will resume on July 3rd, although initially won’t be open to fans. This though will change at some point.

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And who should you watch? In our humble opinion get yourself to Visakha FC at the Prince Stadium and enjoy the Blue Warriors singing their hearts out throughout the game.

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