Olala Phnom Penh

Olala Phnom Penh is one of the best nighttime bars and restaurants alongside the riverfront in Phnom Penh! But why is Olala so good? Well that’s what we’re here to talk about!

Where is Olala

Well as I said on the riverfront, essentially at the bottom of Street 136 and opposite Cheers bar, which is a decent place to watch football. In case you are unfamiliar with the area, this is girly bar town.

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The full technical address is;

Street 136 #1

219 Sisawath Quay Corner

Corner Street 136

Phnom Penh


In case you need mail sent there I guess…..

This means Olala has a great location for people watching, but i’ll get more onto that later.

What food do they serve at Olala Phnom Penh

The name might suggest French cuisine, but in reality it is the same menu as most of the riverfront. Good cheap western food, with Khmer classics such as Lok Lak thrown in for good measure.

How much do the drinks cost at Olala?

Beers are 75 cents pretty much all day long baby! And cocktails are only $2. A great place to get your buzz on cheaply. Amazingly with the price of fruit juices it is a lot more expensive to stay sober at this place.

Olala Phnom Penh
Olala Phnom Penh

How are the staff at Olala Phnom Penh

This is one of the few riverside places that seem to retain their staff. All are very friendly, great fun and can speak English. Half the battle dealt with right there!

And the ambience at Olala?

There’s an inside section that I never both with, but a great outside section for serious PEOPLE WATCHING. When it comes to after the dark the crazies truly do come out of the woodwork. You can literally sit here for hours watching people getting weird.

And best of all? It is still open despite the who Covid thing .

Update on Olala Phnom Penh

After being forced to close for well over a month we are happy to say with the Phnom Penh lockdown now over Olala managed to survive it and are now back serving drinks by the riverside.

If you are stuck for somewhere to go people watching again then you really cannot go wrong with visiting Olala.

Olala Monsieur Street Food Guy!

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