Tsubasa Bridge Known As Neak Loeung Bridge – And Street Food!

Tsubasa Bridge Known As Neak Loeung Bridge is a bridge! OK, so that is stating the obvious. It is also an important and expensive bridge that links Kandal province/Phnom Penh with Prey Veng and Svay Rieng provinces, it is a great place to stop for photos, as well as street food and people with bugs on their head! More on that later….

Tsubasa Bridge Known As Neak Loeung Bridge

Tsubasa Bridge (Khmer: ស្ពានត្សឹបាសា), also known as Neak Loeung Bridge (ស្ពានអ្នកលឿង links Kandal province with the VERY cool town of Neak Loeung, which we will talk more about in a bit. Neak Loeung is technically part of Prey Veng province, but is also the gateway to Svay Rieng, which in itself is the gateway to Vietnam.

The bridge is probably the most impressive in Cambodia and was completed by Japanese donation in 2015. It is so impressive it is even on the 500 riel note.

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Tsubasa Bridge as a tourist attraction!

The big golden arches of the bridge make it truly a beautiful sight and there is space in the middle for people on bikes and small vehicles to stop and take pictures. From here you can take beautiful photos of the Mekong, as well as buy bugs from ladies with baskets of bugs on their heads!

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Street Food Neak Loeung

If you are going to Prey Veng you will miss this, but if you are heading to Svay Rieng then this is the perfect place to stop. There is street food galore here, which includes the aforementioned bugs, but also quail, which is cooked with an egg, chicken and amazingly huge and fresh deep fried shrimps, that you eat whole.

The shrimps in particular made the journey worth it in itself. And it is pretty much the fact half-way point towards Svay Rieng, so what is not to like?

The longer I stay here the more obscure the Street Food venues I find!

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