Stadiums of Cambodia – Where do Tiffy Army Play? RCAF Old Stadium

Where do Tiffy Army Play? Tiffy Army play at the RCAF Old Stadium – this is also known as the Army Stadium, Old Stadium or Lambert Stadium. As well as being the home of Tiffy Army it has also hosted international matches/ So, what’s the story with the RCAF Old Stadium? First let’s deal with their tenants.

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Who are Tiffy Army?

Football clubs in Cambodia seem to have many names, all of which are official – you can check out our article on National Police (link to SFG) for more on that. Tiffy Army were founded as Royal Cambodian Armed Forces Football Club, before being renamed Ministry of National Defense FC. They then revered to Royal Cambodian Armed Forces Football Club FA (RCAF FA), but are known as Tiffy Army for sponsorship reasons. 

Regardless, like a good old fashioned Socialist State the army team are one of the best in the country. 

What’s the story with the RCAF Old Stadium?

Its stands for the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces Stadium, the old part has been added because it is really old. But in the Soviet days these guys were a powerhouse, so had the second best stadium in the country.

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The RCAF Old Stadium looks decrepit, but in a very cool Dark Tourism retro kinda way. It also has a capacity for 28,000 fans, although check the pictures the seats to see the comfort level!

RCAF Old Stadium facilities

RCAF Old Stadium

I was sad to less a distinct lack of a club shop, with the only positive being I saved $30. They are though the only club apart from AEU United who had food in teh stadium. OK, it boiled (no pun intended) to eggs and cold drinks, but still I was fed and watered! Eggs with Kampot pepper, its a thing here.

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The seats are not great, but it is a full encompassing stadium with stands on all our corners. We give Kudos for that if nothing else. 

And the match? Koh Kong 9 – Kampong Chhnang 1, I did not go wanting for goals at least. 

The RCAF Old Stadium is certainly old, but it is also filled wit class! 

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