The Hilton – Foshan

OK, so the Hilton is not exactly down with my Street Food credentials, but seeing as I have already done a crap city guide to Foshan. I’ll review it regardless.

Why the Hilton – Foshan

What I love about these lower tier cities is how cheap the hotels are. The Hilton here cost me $60. My reason for being in a crap town of Foshan is that (apparently at least) Foshan is to become the new Hollywood of China. This interests Pioneer Media.

What are the rooms like at the Hilton – Foshan

I got an upgrade due to my Gold Status (bling bling), and got a great sized room on the executive floor. There is nothing not to like about getting yourself a room in the Hilton.

Location of the Hilton – Foshan?

Very centrally located, and near enough all the stuff there is to do in Foshan, which is not all that much. Ten minutes, or so from bar street, which was my main area of concern. 

What are the facilities like at the Hilton in Foshan?

Decent sized swimming pool, gym (which I did not visit), and the executive suite. You will need status to go here, but not only do you get priority check-in, but free food and drinks from 17.30-19.30. Oh my days did I fill my boots on that little bad bay. 

Conclusion of the Hilton, Foshan, Guangdong

Despite having a population of 7.2 million Foshan is considered a small town. The staff English levels were not all that great, but they were friendly and tried their best. The standard thing for me about this hotel is how cheap it is. There are few places in the world where you can get the luxury a Hilton brings you for $60.

Overall, I’m a fan.

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