Top 5 Souvenirs from Albania

What are the top 5 things to buy in Albania?

Well, it’s a mere 11 days until we finish shooting on Castle Freak, and thus I will cease living in Albania. Where I go next is anyone’s guess, but before I leave I shall be buying souvenirs! Here are my top 5 souvenirs from Albania.

5) Bust of Enver Hoxha

Oh, that Enver! Enver Hoxha was born in the tourist town of Gyrokaster, and in the cobbled streets of the old town, you will see busts of Enver, as well as fridge magnets alongside busts and magnets of that other Albania tyrant Mother Teresa. It truly is a funny old world.

4) Bunker shaped ashtrays

During the regime of Enver Hoxha, thousands of bunkers were built that still litter the country. Previously hated they have now gotten a bit of a cult status with many being converted into bars, or restaurants. The bunker shaped ashtrays are cool.

3) Skanderberg Cognac

The most famous Cognac in the country, and whilst it is not exactly French it is of a very good standard. Comes in very nice pretty bottles with a price range to fit all budgets, including expensive vintages.

2) Qeleshe

The Qeleshe, or plis is the traditional Muslim hat of Albania and is considered part of the traditional costume of Albanians, and is even considered a national symbol of the country! Can be found in many gift shops for very cheap.

1) Albanian Rakia

Oh, I really am this predictable, but yes Albania Rakia is excellent. To get the best rakia don’t just buy from a supermarket, but get some Albanian advice on the best options for purchase. It is worth noting that each and every region has its own variations, so be sure to get sampling as much as possible!

That is the Street Food Guy’s guide to the top 5 souvenirs from Albania, did I miss anything? And were two alcoholic beverages on there overkill?

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