Watching Kampot FC

I was previously not all that keen on Kampot, it is quite the stoner town. I am not a stoner. Kampot has though been growing on me, there’s Bokor Hill, good food and there was even a beer festival here.

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And so I was to find myself here watching the mighty Kampot FC vs Sihanoukville FC.

Best value hotel in Kampot

Kampot has a bad reputation at the moment for overcharging at hotels. Quite how some abysmal hostels can be charging $20 a night is way beyond my comprehension.

There is though Vibola Guesthouse. It costs about $18 a night and comes with a pool. It is also next to Happy Pizza, one of the best value restaurants in Cambodia.

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Kampot FC Stadium

The Kampot stadium is located in the centre of town. Unlike other cities this is an actual stadium and could probably fit a few thousand people inside. The pitch though is awful.

Food and drink at Kampot Stadium?

There’s literally one kiosk that sells energy drinks and nothing else. You will need to bring food when you visit Kampot FC Stadium.

Watching Kampot FC

The Hun Sen Cup early rounds feature provincial sides who ate basically youth teams. The standard of play was not as good as when I watched Koh Kong FC the day before, but it was a decent match. Sihanoukville came out 1-0 winners at the end. An OK match and an OK experience. If they happen to be playing when you are in town its worth watching. It is not worth traveling to watch.

Around the stadium

Being centrally located the Kampot Fc stadium is in the thick of the action. Lots of bars restaurants and Kampot street food in easy reach.

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