Saket TTP – do a few things and do them right

Saket TTP is a small little bar and restaurant not all that far away from Brooklyn . I am a fan of Brooklyn and Ruby’s, but fancied a change of pace, Saket was within walking distance, so I took the punt.

What you are greeted to is an open plan type bar with both indoor and outdoor seating, a great drinks list and a rather tiny menu!

Saket TTP – The Drinks

Probably the bets value cocktails I have yet to find in a bar in Phnom Penh, at least one that isn’t in some seedy area – yes 172 I am looking at you.

To read about street 172 click here.

Cocktails by and large are $3 a piece, I started with a few Gin and Tonics before moving on to Long Island Iced Tea, which was also $3 a go. I really have zero issue with spending that on the strongest bang for your buck cocktail! Too many were had, but hey #Monday

Saket TTP Menu?

One thing that drives you to the place is that they are seemingly barbecuing up a storm outside, and who does not love a BBQ. The menu though is very simple and consist of frog, beef skewers and squid.

I’m a frog kinda guy and the BBQ version with the special sauce was extremely good, as were the beef skewers. Proper booze snacks and perfect with he drinks we were knocking back in very quick succession.

The squid on the other hand was of the chewy, like really chewy variety nd did not get me all hot and bothered. In Cambodia, particularly in places like Kep we are treated to some of the best squid I have had in the world, this was not that.

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Overall though Saket TTP a great success – I shall be back.

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