Hanging at the Prince Times Hotel Sihanoukville

I’ve been lucky enough of late to have been able to hand out at some pretty plush hotels, one of them being the Prince Times Hotel. What might you ask though is the Prince Times Hotel? All in due course….

What’s the score with Sihanoukville? 

Sihanoukville is one of the strangest places currently in Cambodia, 5-6 years ago it was the jewel in the seaside crown of Cambodian tourism, then the Chinese arrived and decided they’d turn it into Vegas, alas that has not come to pass.

Now the city mostly resembles a developing Chinese city, with a skyline dominated by unfinished buildings and casinos, lots of casinos. It is also known as a bit of a city of sin, with Ferraris, gangsters and a fair bit of controversy. Usually I view the place as a transit point for Koh Rong, or for events, such as the ASEAN Tourism forum, but on this occasion I was to stay for the sake of staying here.

The Prince in Prince times Hotel 

If you live in Cambodia and have not heard, or seen Prince then you probably have eye problems. Prince are one of the most important companies in the country, having interests in everything from real-estate, to banks, hotels and even football clubs. I was initially drawn to them over my love of Visakha FC, sponsored by Prince and playing in the Prince Stadium, before serendipity would lead me to their hotel. 

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Oh and FYI they also now make beer and its pretty good.

The Prince Times Hotel

The hotel was taken over by prince last year, with the general intent of creating a 5-star venue with entertainment and a more family and business friendly environment. These may not seem like the average concerns of your average Street Food Guy, but with age hopefully comes a bit of wisdom. That and the fact that honestly the thought of staying in a Chinese casino is not one that fills me with joy.,

The hotel itself looks nondescript from the outside, but when you walk in it has that 5-star feel of beauty, cleanliness and elegance. In some respects it reminded me of my old life and stays at the Hilton in Shekou, of how I truly miss the days of travel. 

The rooms are great, theres a bathtub and even a balcony for smokers to look at the sea, but there is much more to a hotel than merely the rooms, what about the food and the entrainment? 

Food, drinks, wine, stout and cigars 

When it comes to the restaurant here Malaysian manager Simon Chong, who I quickly befriended has not cut corners. The best chefs and restaurant managers have been imported and I was treated to a 7 course meal that had a bit of everything, including durian, yes I love the stinky fruit. 

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Truly one of the best meals I have had in Cambodia and the hotel is now popular with wedding groups, as well as locals just coming for some top-notch Chinese nosh. They also have a western menu if you fancy a sandwich.

They recently though opened a cigar and wine room, the second in Sihanoukville, but the first to also feature a club and entertainment. I for one was certainly entertained by being served Cohiba and brandy by the buxom waitresses.

The evening was then duly finished with some stout and fine conversation. All in all if you’re passing through the city of sin and need a place to hang your hat, you can truly do worse than stopping at the Prince Times Hotel.  

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