The Amazing Hilton Shekou

The Hilton Shekou is quite frankly an amazing place, but a place I never ever really expected to end up. Traditionally i have been of the budget traveler variety, but over the years fate has led me to stay in all manor of places, so much so that I have started a hotel blog!

You can check it out here , although there isn’t much on there as it is early days right now.

How did I end up at the Hilton Shekou Shenzhen?

I had a friend who worked for the Hilton Group, employees get vouchers letting them stay for $15 a night. This was only 5-6 years ago, but they were literally paper vouchers rather than an online affair.

I had the vouchers and my word did I use them and in many locales, not just in Shenzhen. Since then I have also gone Amex platinum, so Hilton stays are less rare, but alas not $15, so a rare, but often deserved treat.

What is it like to stay at the Hilton Shekou Shenzhen?

The lobby is freaking huge and the staff are almost otherworldly, or rather you get good customer service as opposed to shit service, with is path of the course in China. When you get to your room you are greeted to a TV screen that has your name on it and welcomes you. I like the little touches like this. You can also order room service. I was to find out to my detriment that 10 Heinekens would set me back $150, the things we do for love, drink, or both.

And the amenities?

They actually have two blocks, one is good and overlooks the sea, the other is a bit more shit. On a day I was there a “women entrepreneurs” conference was being held. It largely consisted of people talking noisily and ladies getting drunk on free wine. Stay in the main building if you can.

But they have a fabulous pool and for me a pool is what makes any hotel! You are literally on Shenzhen bay.

And the Shekou district?

Within 10 minutes walk of the Hilton Shekou there is a great bar, restaurant shop area which features everything from fast-food to a restaurant on a huge moored ship. Its a bizarre area, but also cheaper than getting smashed, or ordering room service at the Hilton.

You can read the Hilton in Foshan here

Cover has stopped me coming back here, but come back I shall and i’ve even been promised an upgrade!

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