From Buzludzah to Beyond

Despite having already visited the area (twice) like any normal human beings we decided that we would rent an expensive convertible and explore all the sites on the way to and from Buzludzah, or the “Communist UFO”.

This iconic communist structure was built to showcase the place where the original Bulgarian Social Democratic Party was formed, and for Bulgarians to celebrate communism for decades to come. They got ten years of it before the wall fell, and it cost 350 million dollars to make.

An epic image of Buzludzah! Every year communists would come here to celebrate all things red.

Monument to the 1300 years of the Bulgarian nation. Can’t remember exactly where it was.

The legendary Joel of YPT Soviet Europe at the monument at the bottom of Buzludzah.

We crawled all over this abandoned restaurant, and it was truly impressive! There’s a lot of abandoned stuff for a bit of Urbex!

An impressive war memorial on the drive to Burgas. There’s a heavy Bulgarian style to everything here.

I hope to add more images later, but this will do for now!

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