How to blog during lockdown?

Coronavirus, Covid-19, lockdown, the end of days, however you want to refer to the current shit show has screwed about with a lot of industries, not least blogging! Here’s our guide for travel, food and all other bloggers on how to blog right now.

The experience of a Street Food Guy

I am a bit of an anomaly here as I write about street food, rather than just travel. I am currently very much stuck in Cambodia, bur Cambodia is relatively restriction (and coronavirus free), so I can still go out and get my food jollies. That being said I have had to be flexible.

To blog in 2020 be very flexible

The best blogs have niches, my niche in particular being street food, but there is obviously much more to the culinary world than street food, so I have branched off into reviewing pretty much every restaurant I go to as well as even new drinks I have tried, or tourists attractions I visit. Therefor you stay within the realms of what your expertise is, but branch into similar directions.

How to blog during coronavirus? Use old material

Unless you are lucky with work you probably have time on your hands. Time, memories and probably a shed ton of old photos from previous trips, or travels. When we are on the move we naturally pick the best foods we have had, or best places we have been to blog about, but what about the ones that missed the list due to time, or not being as good as other stuff? People like obscure, so go back and truly look at what you have. Is there a better time to go down memory lane?

Do not overblog about lockdown

Far too many bloggers are concentrating on the country they are stuck in, or talking non-stop about how lockdown is affecting them. This is OK, but only OK to a degree. Do people in lockdown really want to read about people in lockdown? Truly worth thinking about….

Search for ranking keywords

Sometimes it is better to write what the internet wants you to write rather than what you want to write. Use a tool like to look for keywords to blog in 2020 about that fit you. Blogs should always be honest, but there is nothin wrong with searching for killer key words.

Take the opportunity lockdown is giving you!

OK, people spend a lot of time online, but right now they are spending a lot more. People are at home, people are bored, now is truly the time to write good content. Also factor in that many travel agencies and content producers have essentially gone on hiatus, this is leaving a huge gap in the market for people with the energy to get stuff written!

The world  might have its issues, but it also has its possibilities….

Good luck blogging in 2020!

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