Street food at Phnom Penh Night Market

Where is one of the best places for street food in Phnom Penh? Phnom Penh night market.

Phnom Penh night market is located just off of the riverside past street 105, and the main girly bar district of the capital.

The market is not all that big, but sells a whole heap of crap from knock-off designer gear to foxy clothes for the ladies, oh and belts.

It is at the back of here that you will find lot os f food kind protected from the rain by coverings, although if it does ran it is possible to hit your head on it and get soaked as the covering empties.

So, what about the street food in Phnom Penh night market?

street food in Phnom Penh night market

This is your standard fare mixed meat BBQ type thing, with crab, shrimp, weird cheesy sausages, tofu, and lots of other processed meats that you are used to finding at a classic Cambodian BBQ. It is not dissimilar to the riverfront in Siem Reap.

street food in Phnom Penh night market

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The whole area in fact has hawkers selling absolutely everything ou can imagine, with it being possible to purchase your food and eat it at the night market, providing you buy something there too.

squid -street food in Phnom Penh night market

I got some of the most amazing grilled squid I have ever had in Cambodia, which is no mean feat, not far from from street 118, and the day market.

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There is no beer at the Phnom Penh night market!

It is really cheap here, with a big plate of mixed meat setting me back under $4, but the only problem is for some reason they do not have beer. Apparently you can buy it outside, but I couldn’t be bothered with too much messing around. 

Overall great street food at Phnom Penh night market, and a great place for some simple people watching….

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