What can you do in Kep when it is raining? 5 top tips

What can you do in Kep when it is raining? Kep is a truly fascinating town. Back in the day it was the resort, nowadays it is like a forgotten part of Cambodia and almost still like a French colony. They do though have a great Crab market!

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It’s also just a nice town, not to mention REALLY close to Kampot. Kampot is another story, but has some gems, like Bokor Hill.

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The Weather In Kep!

An Englishman talking about the weather? Whatever I also drink too much beer watch football and start fights. July is rainy season in Cambodia and it rains a lot, like tropical smack you in the chops rain.

I actually like this kind of rain, but heavy rain on a trip to the beach does not exactly spell beach vacation. I am though English, so it was a bit like Sheppey.

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What can you do in Kep when it is raining? 5 top tips

So without further foreplay, lets get down to how you can fill your time in Kep when it is raining! Our 5 top tips to a rainy day in Kep – with one bonus answer.

5) Get street food in Kep

Kap has great street food and no matter the weather the hawkers will sell there foods. They will also get an umbrella out to protect you from the rain. Although it does not help all that much.

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4) Swimming in the rain in Kep

Why do people leave the sea, or pool when it rains? Grow a pair and win the rain. Do though try not to drawn, it can get choppy out there

Swimming in the rain

3) Sit in a bar and get drunk

Actually such easier said than done, Kep has a amore spartan nightlife than Pyongyang. If need be hunker up in your hotel, keep their bar open, or pre buy beers. Whatever the question alcohol is often the solution.

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2) Drive a moto in Kep

We mean instead drinking in case of any ambiguity here. I love driving in the rain and with the wind this would be intense, and not ideal if you wear glasses. Be careful if you do this.

1)Stand on your balcony and enjoy the storm

I have loved tropical storms an rainfall since I lived in the Cayman Islands. If you are lucky enough to have a balcony then stand on it, look, enjoy and even record nature. There really is nothing more amazing than nature.

Bonus Round – Don’t renew your visa in Kep

Private joke. Not aimed at any person. Nothing even resembling slander here.

Street Food Guy out……

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