Restaurants of Nauru: Anabare Boat Harbour Restaurant

As I’ve previously discussed the best restaurant in Nauru is Bay Restaurant in Anabare, but another great restaurant is not but a few steps away.

Anabare Boat Harbour Restaurant is located almost opposite the main swimming area of Nauru. Technically it’s a chinese restaurant, and indeed they have many chinese dishes, but they also have one of the more varied menus of the restaurants of Nauru.

Anabare restaurant has a great selection of western food, obviously influenced from Australia such as beef burgers, fish burgers, and of course the iconic fish and chips, to one of the best sashimi’s in Nauru. Nauru does raw tuna very well, but Anabare has without doubt some of the best.

What also sets them apart from other Chinese restaurants in Nauru is they have a smashing booze list. As well as the usual beers available in most places you can get rum (bundy), vodka and even whisky.

The staff are also lovely, if you travel for any amount of time to Nauru, Anabare Boat Harbor Restaurant is a must.

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