BriTea English Tea House

BriTea English Tea House is a place that I have walked past on many occasions. It looks beautiful, they have a Christmas tree and i’m English. As a proud Englishman I start every day with a cup of tea.

What is a cup of tea?

A cup of tea consists of hot water, tea (provided by a teapot, or teabag) and milk. Sugar is optional.

For some reason Taiwan started started making “milk tea” which is highly sweetened and has rice cake balls in it. This became a phenomena and now these type of places where everywhere.

What about  BriTea English Tea House then?

It looks very much posh and the “part”. They have replica teapots, toy beefeater guards and as I said they even had a Christmas tree. It’s alongside the riverside so I thought lets do this.

To read about the riverside in Phnom Penh click here

The Menu at the English Tea House?

Holy crap! The menu consisted of so much weird shit I literally do not know where to start. It was of the Chinese style “milk tea”, but consisted of a number of “teas” that apparently included cheese. I should have tried one in the interests of my art, but I couldn’t bring myself to. I like tea and I like cheese, but together that is not cool.

I ended up with some kind of “fruit tea”, except I could not taste any tea in it. It was basically a fruit juice. This would not have been a problem as I like a nice fruit juice, but it was not a tea!

In conclusion

OK, it is a nice place, but I put it like this. Imagine going to England, walking into a Chinese restaurant and beings served fish and chips, ice-cream and sushi. All great foods, but literally not what you ordered!

So, a decent place if you want a nice cafe to relax in, BUT it is not an English tea house!

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