Oskar Phnom Penh

Oskar Phnom Penh is one of the few fine dining restaurants alongside the Phnom Penh riverside.

So, the riverside 75 cent beers, girly bars and 24 hour restaurants, but fine dining? Fine dining establishments might not litter this eclectic and interesting area, but there are fine eats if you look hard enough. One of them os Oscar Restaurant.

Where is Oskar Restaurant?

Towards the end of the Mekong and not far from Jungle Cat, the legendary Ukrainian restaurant . From the outside you can tell that this is no regular 75 cent beer hovel just from the clientele.

Full address;

Oskar Bistro

159 Preah Sisowath Quay, Phnom Penh

They have a Facebook page and score pretty well on Trip Advisor .

What is the menu at Oskar Bistro?

It is s mixed bag of tricks, with steak dishes to BBQ duck. Generally speaking you would call it international and Khmer fusion cuisine.

Oskar Phnom Penh

How are the drinks at Oskar Bistro?

A fabulous drinks list that includes champagne by the glass. The cocktail list was particularly good. A big thumbs up the Bloody Mary they served which had a salted rim and olives. Sometimes in Phnom Penh it is all about the small pleasure.

Oskar Phnom Penh

What are the prices like at Oskar Bistro?

If you want cheap and cheerful get yourself over to street 130, or one of the many 24 hour dives that line the riverfront. Better still get a sandwich from Circle K. Oskar is on the expensive side. Cocktails run at around $6, appetizers $10 and mains $15-20. Having a good meal with drinks for 2 and you are unlikely to get change from a 50.

That being said there is at least one special every night, where they offer up to 30% off of various dishes, such as steak on a Thursday.

But the service and ambience make it very worthwhile if you’re willing to throw caution to the wind.

Why not come here after a boat ride on the riverfront?

Oskar Phnom Penh

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