Big Boys Burger Siem Reap

Big Boys Burger Siem Reap, any god? Life is all about change, I’d previously rated Jungle Burger as the best in Siem Reap, but with a new player in town how would they fare in the Siem Reap Burger Wars?

Big Boys Burger Siem Reap

Who are Big Boys Burger Siem Reap

If you have been to Kampot you will know Laundry Cafe and Burger Bar, I have also visited here, and also declared it the best burger in Kampot!

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Why is is not called Laundry Cafe in Siem Reap?

There is already a Laundry Bar in Siem Reap and it is the kind of place that is full of ladies that enjoy the company of gentlemen. There’s also the wonderful “lost Sock Laundry Cafe”, so it was best to avoid confusion.

What is the menu like?

Extremely similar to Kampot with a “big boy”, “Tennessee Jack”, “Pulled Pork” and everything in between. They even just offer a plain no thrills baby for $3.50. What really stood out to me was the death by cheese, but alas I am yet to try that one.

 Big Boys Burger Siem Reap
Big Boy Burger Siem Reap

Is Big Boys the best burgers in Siem Reap?

No they are not. These are not burgers, they are massive meals, it is pretty impossible to finish them without putting down the burger (as per he old rule). But in reality it is the pattie that makes it. When you draw down on one of these burgers the juice literally seeps out. These are real American stye burgers created by a genuine guy from LA! Certinaly though one of the best burgers in Siem Reap.

And the drinks?

 Big Boy’s Burger Siem Reap

They sell cocktails like a coffee martini, or a Gin Fizz for $1.50. I mean really do I need to say anymore? And they even went as far as to fashion their bar after the one in the Shinning, like an exact copy. Trust marvelous. The staff here also speak impeccable English and it is an overall friendly vibe.

Where is Big Boys Burger Siem Reap?

Just over the river and ironically right next to Hard Rock Cafe, so close in fact that you can hear the music, kind of negating the reason to drink overpriced food and drinks there.

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So to summarize, Jungle Burger is still great, but there is a new Burger King in Siem Reap (not to be confused with the actual Burger King in Siem Reap).

And sorry Jungle Burger, but even for pies i’d rather go to Funky Flashpackers.

Even during coronavirus the world be a changing and it really is kinda funny to see bars and restaurants opening up rather than closing down. But I guess if you got the money to invest now is the time.

And if you don’t? $5 will get you a burger and cocktail at Big Boy’s Siem Reap!

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