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Hard Rock Cafe – Siem Reap

The best live music in Siem Reap is at Hard Rock Cafe! Phew, glad I got that off of my chest, now lets review said venue!

I’ll be brutally honest I am not at all a fan of Hard Rock Cafe in general, I have never been the type of guy that wants to visit every single one of them and collect the t-shirts, in fact before going to Siem Reap the last time I had stepped foot in one was in the Georgetown of the Cayman Islands approximately 17 years ago! There are a number of reasons for this, firstly the expense, but secondly I am hardly in love with chains.

Then after a rather unfortunate night at Darany BBQ I ended up at Hard Rock Cafe Siem Reap!

The food at Hard Rock Cafe

With it being a lchain you cannot go wrong with the food at Hard Rock, but it is far from cheap compared to other Khmer restaurants, and personally at least I largely ignore it. Nachos and burgers are decent though, although i’d still rather go to Jungle Burger.

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Drinking at Hard Rock Cafe Siem Reap

Despite being a chain the drinks here are extremely competitively priced, which means that people are happy to come and party here. A tower of Cambodia beer will set yo back $7.5, whilst even a vodka soda is only 2 bucks. Compared to other Hard Rock Cafes around the world this keeps them competitive.

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The best band in Siem Reap – Most Wanted Band

Most Wanted Band are a group of 6 Filipinos led by the legendary Blaise that in some ways are wasted in Siem Reap. They have that typical Filipino flair and powerful voices that only draw people in, but more often that not get people up dancing, singing and partying!

And that is what sets this up as the best live music venue in Siem Reap and one of the best nights out in Siem Reap, Hard Rock Cafe and Most Wanted are just really fun! They play everything from Britney Spears to Hard Rock, with even a few of their own creations thrown in for the mix. And during their breaks, or even at the end of their sets they will come drink with you.

And the icing on the cake? At times they’ve even let the humble Street Food Guy knock out the odd belter. Now aside from being entrepreneur, tour guide and food expert, I am also now a singer at Hard Rock Cafe (kinda).

Best live music in Siem Reap? Very much so…

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