Best Burger in Siem Reap

IBest Burger in Siem Reap? I’ve already covered the best burger in Kampot and Phnom Penh, so it is only just and fair I decree the best of Siem Reap.

Now I’ll get one thing flat out of the way to begin with. Some would say that Hard Rock Cafe would be the best burger in Siem Reap, but not only are they a soulless chain, but they’ve closed over coronavirus. Case closed.

Now! Hangovers are great times for burgers, so as we approached Saturday afternoon it was time to head for meat in bread. I’ve actually eaten and written about Jungle Sports bar for having the best pies in Siem Reap, but today was time for burger.

One of the best pies in Siem Reap
Best Pie in Siem Reap – Jungle Bar

The atmosphere at Jungle Sports Bar is pretty decent and obviously very Australia influenced, staff are friendly, its close enough to town and has an overall pleasant vibe.

Menu at Jungle Burger

The menu has the aforementioned best meat pies of Siem Reap and for today’s pleasure a blue cheese burger for my comrade and a sloppy joes type affair for me. The rest of the menu is pretty full on with pizza to everything else you’d expect on an Aussie/Kiwi type menu. I’ve since been back and had the jungle bar mac and cheese. I’ll go all out and declare it the best in Siem Reap. Topped with breadcrumbs, very cheese and finished perfectly with Tabasco and genuinely good garlic bread.

Best Mc and Cheese in Siem Reap
Mac and cheese Siem Reap

You also get a free drink, so we went for draft Cambodia beer, after all we were hungover. To be fair free beers with a meal tend to be fairly common in Siem Reap which is pretty cool.

Draft beer in Siem Reap at Jungle Burger

Best Burger in Siem Reap

Now to the burgers! Comrade Nic Dong-Sok is genuine blue cheese aficionado and confirmed that the blue cheese burger was to quote “fucking epic”.

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best burger in Siem Reap
Blue cheese burger Siem Reap

The sloppy Joe type affair managed to be juice enough to destroy my t-shirt, but again was equally epic. I also opted for wedges instead of fries, which were fantastic and it even came with a pickled gherkin!

Best Burger in Siem Reap
Burger at Jungle Burger

Update ~ So Jungle Burger seems to be our go to place now, particularly when hungover, so I’ll update as and when I go here. Today the Lamb Burger! The Jungle Burger lamb option is one of the more expensive options at 9 bucks, but like the rest of the menu at Jungle Burger was pretty epic.

Lamb Burger Jungle Burger Siem Reap

All the standard stuff like tomato, veggies, cheese and great bread, but with a big great lamb burger in the middle. Jungle Burger don’t go cheap on their ingredients. After the blue cheese number my second favourite thing on the menu. Best lamb burger in Siem Reap? Probably…

Three of the best burgers in Siem Reap, beers and we barely touched 20 bucks. Jungle Burger is the best burger and pie in Siem Reap.

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