Best Meat Pie in Siem Reap

So, best meat pie in Siem Reap? Jungle Sports Bar.

I’ve been a very good street food guy of late, keeping to social distancing, cooking at home and when needed eating street food. I’ve also been drinking too much soju and smoking like a chimney. As always I digress…

May Day and our pool being closed meant we were to head to the outside world. Legendary colleague Nic Song-Dok suggest Jungle Sports bar due to their legendary Blue Cheese burger. I’m a fan of blue cheese burgers.

On arrival I was surprised to see that it was a Kiwi themed bar with the staff wearing All Black shirts embezzled with “who ate all the pies” on the back. Upon seeing this I only had pie on the mind.

Before the pie extravaganza we went for moo moo balls as our appetiser. Mashed potato balls with cheese and even a hint of Tabasco, a great start.

Basically the British invented the pie, but the Australians and Kiwis perfected them. I ordered the beef, bacon and cheese pie with mash and gravy, what arrived was probably the biggest pie I have seen in my life. As the ladies say size isn’t everything, but this pie matched size with muscle. Not overly burnt, big chunks of meat, and melted cheese running throughout and with every bite. The gravy was also rather good and did I mention it was only $7 and came with a glass of draft beer. Boom!

Mr Nic Song-Dom assured me with blue cheese burger was amazing and four hours later I still feel like I want to explode.

And as if that was not enough it’s a mere 10 minutes walk from Pub Street. Despite lack of bars still open we managed to end proceedings with the Angkor What (you get it, a citrus kiwi type affair that looked quite gay. Tasted ok though.

The best pies in Siem Reap are at Jungle Sports Bar!

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