Cambodian BBQ Squid

Cambodian BBQ said is another must-try on the amazing and eclectic Cambodian street food scene.

I realize that the blog is currently a bit Khmer cuisine heavy, but as of yesterday, Cambodia is officially on coronavirus lockdown. Yay I am about to become the Khmer Street Food King! All good by me, I actually really love Cambodian street food, and as of now it is coming a close second to Vietnamese street food as my favorite on the planet.

Having finished 4 nights in Kampot, where we’d managed to score the best burger in town, as well as numerous other Kampot street food gems we headed back to Phnom Penh en-route to Siem Reap of Ankor Wat fame.

We spent time in Okay Boutique Hotel, which I am sure will garner a blog itself at some point. The hotel was located probably 15 minutes walk, or so to the party district by the Mekong, so I decided to look for something local to deal with the nighttime hunger blues.

And this is where Phnom Penh Street food is just amazing for me, you merely need to walk a few meters and you strike gold. There are numerous street food restaurants in the city that serve seafood, and when I saw one I knew that was to be the meal for the evening.

The menu had all the usual favorites like crab and raw oysters, but it was one thing that jumped out at me, BBQ squid. I’ve had squid in many a locale, so largely know what to expect, but I was hopeful of course that this would be another street food sensation!

Cambodian BBQ Squid

Khmer styled grilled squid came out 6 strong, and was fabulous! The way the Cambodians cook their grilled squid is to add pepper, lemongrass marinade, and Koh Kong dressing.

The squid quite literally melted in the mouth, excluding the odd hard bit that needed to spit out, and had a rich creamy center.

Squid, a Cambodian Beer (on ice), and a word carrots on ice salad type thing came out at $3.80. Truly one of the few countries on earth where you do not even need to own a cooker. Khmer Fried Squid is good by me!

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