Burger Sauce

As previously mentioned I’m a big fan of a British kebab, as well as Fish and Chips. And the perfect condiment for both? Why it’s the very British Burger Sauce.

What is burger sauce?

Awesome. it is awesome, but I should probably give a better explanation than that. The product is a pinky/orange sauce served with kebabs throughout the UK, as well as any English chippy worth it’s salt. It shares some similarities with thousand island dressing, but is far superior.

Worldwide it is referred to as fry sauce, and technically should consist of one part ketchup (ketchup was not invented in China), with two parts mayonnaise. But it is the extra ingredients that differentiate the sauces around the globe.

Other variants include salsa golf (South America) and a Filipino version using the ever popular banana ketchup of the country.

But hey, we’re talking about Burger Sauce! In the UK it was invented by Turkish fast0-Food restaurants that serve kebabs, and has the usual 2 parts mayo, one part ketchup, but with a few surprises. True authentic sauce includes pickle relish, pepper, and, or peppers, and the kicker, white vinegar. The British love vinegar, I love vinegar. Vinegar makes everything better.

The end result is a creamy, zesty burger sauce, with bits in it that compliments almost everything!

Do not confuse it with Thousand Island Dressing. They are NOT the same.

And what should you have burger sauce with?

As the name implies, well burgers, but in England the best way to use burger sauce is drunk and with a doner meat and chips from the kebab shop.

I need it now!

Of course making it fresh is doable, but you can now buy it from most supermarkets bottled up and ready to go!

Wherever you are in the UK, find a kebab shop, order meat and chips and then drench it with this orange masterpiece. You will not be disappointed.

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