Street food UK – the English kebab

Street food UK, introducing the English kebab! It may have originated in Turkey, but things are done differently in the UK.

English food might be not exactly famous for being good, but there’s a few things we got right. Few would argue with an English breakfast, there’s obviously fish and chips, and then there’s doner kebab. Now I know what you’re thinking, isn’t that a Turkish dish? Well kinda…

English kebab = drunk food

For the British the doner kebab is quintessential drunk food, we drink, we get a kebab. I like a drink so therefore love of kebabs came naturally.

The kebab in Eastern Europe

When I started my travels I decided to try kebabs everywhere I went, Eastern Europe, northern Cyprus, Sudan, and even Turkey itself. I was surprisingly lead to one conclusion. Nothing beats a British kebab….

Syrian Castle in Khartoum

I’ll explain! Point one, meat and chips. You get a ton of doner meat, and throw it in with some chips. No need for bread, or any vegetable crap.

the famous English Kebab

Then we add vinegar. Chips need vinegar, it’s really that simple.

Kebab UK + Burger Sauce

Then there’s burger sauce. I’ve only ever seen burger sauce in the UK, it’s kind of luck mayo mixed with ketchup, but in reality it’s it’s own thing. Burger sauce on doner meat is unbeatable.

Garlic sauce! Ok this might not be strictly UK, but British kebab shop garlic sauce is rather potent. And if you’re so inclined there’s super hot chilli sauce. Be aware it’s harder on the way out that on the way in.

Top marks to Stroud kebab for never letting me down.

For whatever reason the style of doner meat in UK kebab shops seems to be unique to Britain, and I can genuinely say I’ve never tasted anything in my travels to compare with it.

The Street Food Guy has spoken!

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