Best Street Food for a Gastronomic Date

There are many times when you might want to grab street food and have some great conversation. It might be an outing with your significant other locally or on vacation. Or, it might be that you’re on your own trip and decide to meet up with a cure local for a foodie date as a walkthrough to this country’s cuisine and relationships. Thanks to dating sites it won’t take much time to find a like-minded single to share your food preferences with.

When you aren’t sure where to go for a fun date, walking around cities and redeveloped downtowns will definitely bring you into contact with food trucks, snack carts, and sidewalk cafes. Here’s what you need to know:

Why have a foodie date when traveling?

You and your prospective date hope to establish a social bond and perhaps a romantic connection while exploring your common interests. There is less pressure to impress your date if you are engaged in a fun activity, and you don’t feel as nervous. If you love trying new foods or seek a different version of a food you love, then foodie dates are awesome.

It can take a healthy debate before you both agree on the best foods to try and/or where to buy them.

If possible, try to be safe, of course, because there are plenty of fears while street food trip, especially when you don’t know how to start. When exploring the area and keeping the feeling of spontaneity remember that you come together to feed yourselves eventually. And that’s the point!

So, what are the best for a date? – Proven dishes to involve your crush in street food world:

Aloo chaat: Enjoy this delicious South Asian dish consisting of potatoes, chutney, seasoning, herbs, and other vegetables. Sample additional ingredients are parsley, tomatoes, green chilis, garlic, and ginger. A popular variation of aloo chaat is sweet corn chaat, which doesn’t have potatoes.

Street corn: This version of corn on the cob often includes a sprinkling of cheese, spicy or mild seasoning, butter, and, in some cases, a creamy or tomato-based sauce.

Kebabs: A street vendor takes a filet or tenderloin of meat or a substitute protein (if you’re vegan), soaks it in a marinade, and roasts it with vegetables on a wooden skewer or stick. A popular kebab is a steak cooked with mushrooms, bell peppers, and onions over a flame grill.

Orange chicken tacos: To prepare this signature Mexican dish, vendors season chicken with chipotle or another sauce with a kick to it, then dress up the chicken with lettuce, shredded cheese, cilantro, and fold it all into a flatbread or tortilla shell.

Pad thai: Originally Chinese, these popular stir-fry noodles are commonly linked to Thailand. Cooks usually take a nice chunk of chicken, shrimp, or tofu and fry it with rice noodles, bean sprouts, cashews, cilantro, and scrambled eggs. The noodles should not be oily, but they can be made very spicy.

Street food in different countries usually shares three qualities – it is prepared in no time, delicious and super-simple. Take a walk and chat with your date on what you can agree on. Sample food from two or more vendors while dining al fresco and continue to explore new tastes together!

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