How To Have A Street Food Themed Wedding Reception

If the idea of a stuffy wedding reception with the same old buffet and speeches fills you with dread, then it’s time to make your wedding reception a fun-filled event. Amusement parks, art galleries, libraries – these are all amazing locations for an alternative wedding reception; but let’s be honest… Who wouldn’t love to have a street food themed wedding reception?

A wedding ceremony is a formal, highly choreographed ritual that “celebrates” the marriage. People do not really engage in the occasion, but are present to witness the event. Although there are certain traditional components, most of them are “optional” at the reception, such as the first dance, the cutting of the cake, tossing the bouquet, etc. The party is the reception’s main purpose.

And what says party more than a street food theme. Great food and drinks, good music, relaxed atmosphere, a street food theme for your wedding easily incorporates all the points that essentially makes a great party. You just need a bit of planning to incorporate the theme in all aspects of your wedding planning – from the invitation card for a wedding to the type of your getaway car, the street food theme is easy to align with all aspects of your wedding.

Street food themed wedding

Every city in the world has a sizable following for street food. Every city has its own specialties, such as the hot dog in New York, tacos in LA, the banh mi in Hanoi, chips and peanut mayo in Amsterdam, and fish and chips in London. Over the years, street food-themed weddings have become more and more popular, and it’s simple to understand why. They are practical, affordable, and offer a wide variety of delectable food and beverage alternatives. In our opinion, there are no restrictions on what you may serve or how you can incorporate the street food concept into your wedding. But with so many options, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Let’s look at some strategies at how you can incorporate the street food theme into your wedding reception.

Organizing a street food themed reception

Incorporate the theme from the get go

From your wedding save the date templates to the invitation card for the wedding reception it should hint towards your theme revolving around street food.

Select the location

This goes without saying that you will not be able to host a street food themed wedding reception in the library or the art museum. Select a large open space where the proper ambience for the theme can be created. Whether you are serving food directly from the food trucks to maintain authenticity or you have small carts set up to serve your guests, the area should not feel cramped.

Furniture and decoration should align with the theme

To complement the atmosphere of the street, make sure the venue is elegantly decorated with electric neon hues. The small things matter. Lauren Watts, content head at House Of Vintage says, adding contemporary, rustic, or glam elements to the wedding’s furnishings can change the overall style. Also keep in mind that decorations are the ideal way to complete a space’s design. The chairs, sofas, rugs, flowers, and centerpieces must all perfectly complement the reception’s theme. There is no use having velvet chairs at a reception with a street food theme. A curb, however, is likewise impractical.

Select the correct food and catering

When you select a street food themed wedding, it goes without saying that food is an important part of your life. So, select the correct food to serve at your reception. There is no point in serving filet mignon – you are better off serving some dirty burgers. Belgian waffles, ramen, personal pizzas, gourmet tacos, cocktail caravans – the choice is endless.

A street food-themed wedding reception is a laid-back event where guests may eat, drink, and have a good time. A sit-down dinner might require meticulous management, but a food truck doesn’t have the same constraints.

You can offer food and beverages during your wedding in a variety of ways. You can place a food truck at the location so that visitors can mosey up and down and serve themselves to whatever they choose. Additionally, you can employ street-style servers to serve your guests.

To sum it up

A street food themed wedding is a fun, casual way to celebrate your love. Having a large party with a variety of food options might also be an inexpensive option. Don’t worry about whether having a food truck at your wedding is too outlandish if you absolutely adore the idea. Being the coolest pair these days is more important than being the most traditional. So go ahead and fire up those grills and order some tacos as you dance under the stars.


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