Why is Street Food Is So Good?

People often ask me why I love street food so much? And why street food is good? Actually no one ever asks me this question, and few (as per the statistics) will search for the term, but I’m going to tell you anyway.

People blog for many reasons, fame, money, to show off, share a passion, talk to a group, or even try to reach one person (whether they read it, or not). I have blogged for all the above reasons, what I am aiming for today is for you to decide.

My love of Street Food started when I first moved to China. I started my life in China as an English teacher in Xi’an with EF English First. Fresh off the boat and without even a lick of Chinese, nor a clue about the job I was doing.

After school, we’d go eat street meat, drink beer, and soak up the atmosphere that only street food brings. Street Food brings characters of all walks of life together, wankers to bankers, bastards to best friends and everything in between. And my world has a lot.

You’ve heard the phrase to break bread together right? Well, the very definition is this –

“To share a meal with someone. This expression means more than just eating; it is sharing a sense of brotherhood with someone or some group of people. … Perhaps you are enemies; breaking bread with someone indicates a sense of forgiveness and moving forward to the affair”.

It means making friends, stopping feuds, forgiveness, togetherness and maybe if you are lucky lifelong relationships that whilst you might not appreciate at the time, at some point, you realize how special they are (be it too late, or not). And relationships are life. It is the good, the bad, and the ugly about everything that makes this stupid world go around. Without relationships, and love, what else do we have? It might be very cliche, but when you stare death squarely in the face, it is not money, or possessions that go with you.

I’ve gone a bit off-topic on why I love street food so much eh? I’ll try my best to get back on track, maybe you are following this, or maybe you are not even reading this, but it is you that I am talking to.

It was around the Street Food table that I met the people that led me to Young Pioneer Tours, and everything since that has happened in my amazing life, from huge touch the sky highs, to the true fire burning depths of hell – and of course as I like to say everything in between.

I have made so many friends, acquaintances, and indeed loves over this time. Some have lasted the course, many I don’t speak to enough, some I really couldn’t give a shit about, and some as the circle of life dictates are no longer with us. Life, like street food, can make you happy, or give you severe shits. And like anything it boils down to if the good times outweigh the shits, for some they do for the some they don’t.

It is varied, we are varied, so unique that not even two twins are the same, and thus so are our experiences and how we deal with the shit life throws at us. Sometimes that means people leave the table a lot earlier than you’d like them to, and maybe they never come back to break bread with you. You might then question if the “breaking of bread” was worth it if they never come back, but that is a beauty of life than only you, or indeed I can judge. I know what I think, and I’d like to think I know what you think.

Street Food is life and like life, it can be incredibly complicated, or as simple as a hamburger.

So, will anyone read this weird tirade? If you’ve reached this far then yes, or maybe you haven’t, you maybe you couldn’t for whatever reason, but that doesn’t change a thing about it.

So, if you are reading this, or this message reaches you, grab two hamburgers, and two of the cheapest beers, wherever you are, has to offer. We will break bread again, but not today…

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