Eating and drinking in Angeles City

Angeles City is famous for a lot of things, well not that much actually. Firstly, there used to be a US air force base here, which means there tend to be lots of bars filled to the brim with ladies, and secondly, it is also the culinary capital of the Philippines! And if that were not enough, it makes a fabulous change from the smog, crime, and traffic of Manila.

Here’s the Street Food Guy’s guide to eating and drinking in Pampanga’s capital of sin Angeles City.

Where should one drink in Angeles City?

The party epicenter of Angeles City is without doubt Fields Avenue, and more specifically Walking Street. This is full of girly bars, normal bars, cheap street food, and has a great party vibe. Generally, bars owned by the Wolfpack group tend to the best, such as Shooters (the original DMZ Bar). 

Best restaurant in Angeles City, Pampanga?

I’m all about the Angeles Beach Club Hotel (ABC Hotel). The restaurant here isn’t the cheapest, but they do some of the best beef carpaccio, sashimi, and tataki that I have had anywhere. It is also located next to the best club in Angeles.

Best nightclub in Angeles City?

Aqua Beach Club, located on the top floor of ABC Hotel, and spread over 3 floors with a pool, changing facilities, and a fair priced bar ($5 for a cocktail). There’s a 500 PHP consumable entrance fee, which is good as it keeps out the riff-raff and is fairly easy to spend.

Best Street Food in Angeles City?

Walking Street has several decent street food options such as kebabs, burgers and donner kebabs and burgers. For a more traditional street food feel, head further up Fields Avenue, or if you live somewhere like Deca Residences there is a whole street filled with great street eats. Sisig, or balut anyone?

Best Korean food in Angeles City?

Erm Korea Town, you can read about it here.

Best swimming pool in Angeles City?

The swimming pool at ABC or Aqua takes some beating but it is beaten by Scorebirds Hotel, which also has a great bar and restaurant. 

And that’s the bite-sized guide to eating and drinking in Angeles City, Pampanga. Street Food Guy says come see it for yourself! Angeles City Party!

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