The Balaton Hotel Review

Why was I at the Hotel Balaton?

I needed to come to Bulgaria to do some work, instead, we decided to go on a road trip to look at the Communist UFO, and visit legendary British booze capital of Sunny Beach!

Why The Hotel Balaton?

It was central, and cheap enough that we could all act like adults and have our own room! The Balaton Hotel is right in the centre of the nightlife of Sunny Beach!

What are The Balaton Hotel rooms like?

The rooms at the Hotel Balaton are pretty shit! Two widen beds pushed together, toilets going off all night, and a slight 80’s communist feel.

The Balaton Location

Slap bang in the middle of the nightlife of Sunny Beach (music is loud and goes very late). 5 minutes walk to the sea, and numerous kebab shops!

The Hotel Balaton facilities

The Balaton Hotel offers all-inclusive! DO NOT DO THIS. Breakfast here was fairly putrid. Swimming pool at the Balaton is fairly decent, there’s a 24-hour shop, and a bar, that is closed.

Conclusion on The Balaton Hotel

Whilst we were checking in, a drunk Russian man asked my friend in Russian why he was leaning over the counter and was it because he wanted to get fucked. Hilarity prevailed. The general clientele was poor English people and drunk Russians.

But the end of the day, what did I expect from a place charging $15 a night during the off-season in a resort famous for cheap booze and partying! The Balaton Hotel at the end of the day did the job it was intended to do, it gave us somewhere to sleep, a pool, and access to the dreary same nightlife of party capital of Bulgaria Sunny Beach.

We had no one to blame, BUT ourselves.

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