Best Hotel on Koh Rong – Treehouse Bungalows

What is the best Hotel on Koh Rong? Treehouse Bungalows by a long stretch!

So I have been writing a lot about Koh Rong lately, partly because I had such a great time there (again), but also partly that feeling you get when you are in a big dirty city that makes you realize how beautiful somewhere like Koh Rong is. But, city bound I now am, and thus reminiscing a lot.

I’ll also throw in that if you have not been to Koh Rong during coronavirus then you should go now, like literally now. Prices on Koh Toch and the relaxed vibe will be long gone when the tourists come back again.

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So, the best hotel on Koh Rong?

Actually when we talk about Koh Rong they actually have one resort that includes a beach view and a swimming pool with each room. That is the best best hotel in Koh Rong. Lets assume though that you’re not part of the super rich and you are heading to party capital of Koh Toch. If you want nightlife head to Koh Toch.

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Hotel, or beach hut?

In Koh Toch town there are a couple of proper hotels, with dorm beds costing as little as a few dollars, but if you travel to a tropical island you want a tropical island experience. If you stay on Koh Toch pick a resort that has beach huts, or better still a treehouse!

Staying in an actual Treehouse Bungalow

Previously I have stayed on the beach huts and the budget jungle huts, but now after my third visit I can finally comment on the holy trinity of rooms at Treehouse bungalows.

Prices for the premium rooms at Treehouse range from $50-100+ depending on the season. I happened to be there during a the start of a Covid lock-down. Bad for most, but it involved me getting a room upgrade.

Best Hotel on Koh Rong

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Deluxe does not even do these rooms justice. Great beds, AC and a balcony overlooking the beach. If you talk really nicely to them they will even deliver a Mediterranean breakfast for you to enjoy the sunrise. More on the sunrise later….

Best sunrise on Koh Rong

OK, so I am sure there are tons of contentors for this, but I have not seen that many. Personally I ama sunset rather than a sunrise guy, BUT when you get presented with a balcony with a view? This makes getting up at 5.30am worth it. A truly stunning sunrise which in some ways justifies the price of the room.

Best hotel on Koh Rong and best sunrise on Koh Rong

And better still you literally have your own piece of private beach to swim on afterwards! O fcourse everything depends on your budget, but truly the best hotel on Koh Rong, with one of the best rooms and views.

Best Hotel on Koh Rong – Treehouse Bungalows Resort

best hotel on Koh Rong

Treehouse Bungalows is the most developed and well equipped resort on Koh Toch, it has the best restaurant (more on that later), a private beach and a rather nice bar.

But, it is on hotel rooms where they set the world alight. The range here is extreme with deluxe rooms literally in treehouse at the top end of the spectrum, with AC that overlook to the beach, to the budget “Jungle Huts”. A Jungle hut will set you back as little as $15 a night, or a few hundred (monthly) if you want to go all out and be a Koh Rong expat!

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Treehouse are currently updating their website, but in my humble opinion the best hotel on Koh Rong by far!

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