Dropping in and Hanging Ten: Advanced Techniques for Intermediate Surfers in San Diego Surf Lessons

As an intermediate surfer in San Diego, you’ve already mastered the basics and are ready to take your skills to the next level. This article will delve into two advanced techniques that will elevate your surfing game: dropping in and hanging ten. By incorporating these maneuvers into your repertoire, you’ll enhance your style, control, and overall surfing experience during your surf lessons in San Diego.


Dropping In: Conquering the Steep Face

Dropping in is a critical maneuver that allows you to smoothly transition from the top of the wave to its bottom, maximizing your speed and control. Here’s a breakdown of the steps involved:


a. Wave Selection: Identify a wave with a steep face that offers a suitable line for dropping in. Study the wave’s trajectory and positioning to ensure successful execution.


b. Positioning and Takeoff: Paddle for the wave, angling your board toward the bottom of the wave face. As you catch the wave, generate speed and momentum by taking off at an angle, and positioning yourself near the critical section of the wave.


c. Commitment and Timing: Maintain a low center of gravity, engage your core, and commit to the drop. As the wave propels you down, shift your weight slightly forward and focus on maintaining balance and control. Proper timing is crucial to ensure a smooth descent down the wave face.


d. Bottom Turn: Once you’ve successfully dropped in, execute a powerful bottom turn by leaning into the wave and using your body and rail pressure to redirect your board back up the wave face. This maneuver sets you up for various maneuvers, such as cutbacks or off-the-lip maneuvers.


Hanging Ten: Mastering Classic Footwork

Hanging Ten is a classic longboarding maneuver that showcases style, grace, and impeccable footwork. It involves walking to the front of the board and hanging all ten toes off the nose. Here’s how to master this skill:


a. Proper Foot Positioning: Begin by shifting your weight towards the front of the board. Place your leading foot’s toes just over the edge of the board while maintaining stability with your trailing foot.


b. Gradual Progression: Start by shifting your weight slightly forward and experiment with sliding your toes over the edge of the board. As you gain confidence, gradually shift more weight onto your leading foot while maintaining stability and control.


c. Refined Balance and Posture: Achieving balance and stability is key to hanging ten. Keep your gaze forward, engage your core muscles for stability, and maintain a relaxed posture. As you walk to the front of the board, focus on a fluid and graceful transition.


d. Smooth Transitions: Once you’ve mastered hanging ten, practice transitioning smoothly from the nose back towards the tail of the board. This footwork allows for versatility in your surfing and sets the stage for other stylish maneuvers, such as drop knee turns or cross-stepping.




As an intermediate surfer in San Diego, incorporating advanced techniques like dropping in and hanging ten into your surfing repertoire will elevate your skills and enhance your overall experience in the water. These maneuvers require practice, patience, and a willingness to push your limits.


During your surf lessons in San Diego, experienced instructors will guide you through these advanced techniques, offering personalized feedback and coaching to help you refine your execution. Embrace the challenge, stay focused, and enjoy the journey of mastering these impressive maneuvers. By integrating dropping in and hanging ten into your surfing repertoire, you’ll unlock new levels of style, control, and enjoyment as you ride the waves along San Diego’s stunning coastline.


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