Jomno Street Food Siem Reap – Hipster Gentrification at its best

Jono Street Food Siem Reap is one of the most well known restaurants in Siem Reap, particularly during the current shit-show that the city find’s itself in. Basically they have decided to rip up EVERY road in Siem Reap. In fairness this is good time to do it, I mean the world is largely closed to tourism, so d it now. Sadly though for th residents of Siem Reap things are not good.

To read which countries are open to tourism click here .

Restaurants and bars have closed en-masse, and as Darwinism dictates only the strong have survived. Jomno stands strong.

What is Jomno  Street Food Siem Reap Restaurant about?

The restaurant is called Jomno Street Food, but you see this is a contemporary take on Khmer Street Food, hmmm yeah like hipster shit if that is what you are thinking. Basically Khmer style street food, but done in a posh setting with fancy plates!

I like street food and I like fancy food, I was also hungry, so this was the kind of shit I was gonna be all about.

The Jomno Street Food Menu

Stuff like spring rolls, lort cha, but also dishes you would not see on a Khmer street. I had Khmer style ceviche for example, and they had a beef carpaccio dish too (I did not have).

In the end we also had the plater which included deep fried mushrooms, strong rolls, and a whole heap of other stuff like chicken satay, but bestow all a raw beef salad. Very small, but hey you had me at raw beef.

Where oh where do I find gentrified Khmer Street Food?

On the road near Star Bar, which is good, near JD’s bar which seems to be closed and opposite Unity Hostel, apparently as easy place to forget, as well as being a great location for a couples elevator smiley face selfie for your FB profile.

Oh you want an address for Jomno Street Food

The best I can do is Wat Damnak Village – head here if you end up in Siem Reap, but ideally ignore Siem Reap until they turn it from a building site back into an actual city.

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