Best Value restaurant in Kampot – Happy Chef Pizza

Best value restaurant in Kampot? Happy Chef Pizza – Kampot is a true gem of a restaurant.

When you travel to Kampot you will notice that there are “Happy Pizza” places everywhere, most of them are the kind of happy pizzas that stoners like. In fact Kampot is pretty much a stoner town. Thus “happy restaurants” are everywhere. Ironically Happy Chef Pizza is one of the best restaurants in Kampot, but not of the aforementioned “happy” variety.

Menu at Happy Chef Pizza Kampot

The menu is damned huge and consists of a huge western section, obviously a lot of pizza, great seafood dishes (we are next to the water) and a very big Khmer selection as well. The main point is that for the quality the price is unbeatable. This is what makes it the best value restaurant in Kampot!

What should you eat at Happy Chef Pizza Kampot?

They got great pizza…

Stating the obvious but huge pizza menu, and big old pies for under 5-10. The pizzas are fabulous value and decent, but there is so much else on the menu

They got great oysters!

A huge bowl of fresh oysters will set you back a mere 4.50, and whilst different the posters I had in Phnom Penh went excellently with Tabasco sauce.

Happy Chef Pizza kampot menu

Khmer Cuisine

All the favourites like loc lak frogs and spring rolls. You never go wrong with lok lak, which was cooked on the medium side, with the frogs coming whole, bones and everything. Yes it tasted like Chicken.

They got cheap meat and fish!

I got a local steak for 5 bucks, international would have cost 8 I’m giving the steaks their own section, because if you have the best value steaks in Kampot then you are the best value restaurant in Kampot according to me!

Barracuda steak

Best steak in Kampot

There seems to be a big thing in Cambodia to push Australian, or US steaks above Khmer steaks. The concept obviously being that they are better quality and come at a premium. I have never had an issue with Khmer beef, either from a store, or restaurant. A Khmer beef steak costs a mere $5 compared 8 for an Aussie one. The steak comes with fries salad and an amazing blue cheese sauce.

OK, so I KNOW there are higher class restaurants that would probably serve better steaks, BUT Happy Chef Pizza serves the best value steak in Kampot. I mean seriously? You cannot argue with $5 for a blue cheese soaked bit of beef. I shall at that at Happy Chef they also know how to cook it. I ordered it blue and I got blue. These things matter in Cambodia.

Drinks at Happy Chef Pizza

With the meals being such good value you’d assume they’d jack up the prices of drinks, but amazingly drinks cost almost nothing too. Serious hurrah!

The soft drinks

I might not be famous for getting exited about non-alcoholic drinks, but hey why not. They got fresh coconut for a dollar and a range of truly fresh shakes for $1.50. The fresh coconut shake was honestly one of the best I have had, even compared to the expensive places that you find in Phnom Penh.

Beers are 50 cents

Draft Cambodia beer is 50 cents a glass. OK, not reinventing the wheel here, but all day, not just on happy hour.

angkor beer

Cocktails are strong, cheap and good

Its only $3 for a Long Island Iced Tea and yes they are strong as hell. Happy Chef Pizza Kampot has a large cheap cocktail list, which with the cheap beers mean you will not go thirsty. To be fair they are not the only place with cheap drinks, but they seem to be the only place that combines it with amazing food.

The clientele at Happy Chef Pizza Kampot?

Shall we say eclectic? This is a popular hangout with locals and expats alike in Kampot, and it has been insulated from the effects of Covid-19. You will see (and hear) people of all shapes races and sizes here.

Overall? Best value meal in Kampot

There’s a lot of hipster stuff in Kampot which is really not my bag. There is a lot of stoner stuff, again not my thang. Happy Chef Pizza has the best steaks in Kampot and in my opinion is the best value restaurant in Kampot.

Happy Chef Pizza Kampot, come for the steak, stay for the cheap drinks, go home drunk, easy.

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