Sovann Entertainment Resort

Stung Treng is last major town before the border between Cambodia and Laos, this meant that there was bound to be a Chinese run casino somewhere. We present Sovann Entertainment Resort!

Sovann Casino

We headed up to the Sopheakvit waterfall which is about an hour down backroads from Stung Treng. On arrival you’re greeted to a few things, epic rapids, Laos and a weird resort.

Beer Laos in Sovann Entertainment Resort

Sovann Entertainment Resort

Let’s keep in mind we were visiting during COVID-19, but amazingly the place had Chinese guests, although as you’ll see from the photos the casino was closed. We were told it was opening “tomorrow”.

Aside from the casino there’s also a nightclub, the kind one assumes ladies come to entertain Chinese businessmen and a nice looking, but thoroughly closed restaurant.

Street food near Sovann casino

It was hard to estimate number of rooms, but they looked very standard resort vibe. Rooms were $44 a night, not but during normal times, but expensive during coronavirus.

Sovann Hotel – North Korea

They have an amazing pool at Sovann that overlooks the rapids. They were benevolent enough to let us swim in there for $3 a person, plus a buck each to rent a towel. That did not overly impress me. Neither did the closed pool bar.

We did though manage a few Beer Laos and whilst there may not have been any good here, Street Food was close enough.


Well it fascinates me to see these kind of places in “off season”, if they cannot service customers when they are desperate how do they manage when things are good?

I did enjoy the swim though….

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