North Korea Packing List

What should be in your North Korea packing list? OK, so North Korea might still be closed to tourism, but with the recent announcement of the Chinese Travel Passport, we can at least start thinking about travel again.

To read about the China Travel Passport click here

North Korea is genuinely one of the most misunderstood countries on earth, so what should you bring when you visit North Korea? What are the essentials for a North Korea packing list.

Here’s our list of 9 essential things you need for North Korea

North Korea packing list

9) Gifts for your guides

Your North Korean guides are going to be your best friends for the duration of your trip. Brining gifts like whisky, smokes, or something from tour home country go a long way.

North Korea Beer

8) A camera

OK, so stating the obvious a bit, but North Korea is a haven for photographers. Bring a nice camera if you have one, or your phone. You can’t connect to the local network, but at least you can take photos.

7) A raincoat or poncho

In certain seasons North Korea can have short sharp bursts of rain, so be prepared. It des tend to be quick, so soften times apache will do. If you do bring a raincoat you can always leave it on the bus.

6) Walking shoes

After visiting North Korea many people feel like they need an actual holiday. North Korea tour involve a lot of walking and site seeing. Comfortable shoes will make your life a heck of a lot easier.

5) Plug adaptor

North Korea uses 220 voltage and plug type A and F. China uses type I. Best rule of thumb is to buy a universal adaptor.

4) Comfortable clothes

North Korea is a lot more laid back than people think and you certainly do not need to be smartly dressed all of the time. Comfortable casual clothes will get you through most parts of a tour to North Korea.

North Korea packing list

3)  Fruit, and, or snacks

North Korea is a very unique and socialist place. They tend not to have much in the way of fruit, or snacks in general. Therefore bring in fruit if thats your thing, and snacks if you can’t get by on the three meals  a day you get given.

nauru pea snack and sandwich

To read more about North Korean food click here (link)

2) Smart Clothes

Inmost trips you will get a chance to visit the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, this is the resting place for Kim Jong Il and Kim Il-Sung. Truly an amazing place, but you will need smart clothes to visit. It may be a drag brining a suite for one day, but the ends truly do justify the means.

Special Brew


Number 1 on the North Korea packing list! Remember we mentioned the whole communist thing? Well North Korea are not only sanctioned, but not exactly linked to the global banking system. There are pretty much no ATM’s in North Korea, and cash is king. Technically they prefer the Euro, although in reality RMB (Chinese) will get you through.

Cambodia Money

What NOT to bring to North Korea the anti North Korea packing list

DVD of “The Interview”

As you might guess North Korea are not really that into the film.


Don’y bring in porn and that includes on your phone. They will check your pictures and YES, guys have been caught with dick pics.

Your bible

Technically not banned, but try and go without gods word for the week you are in North Korea. Got will forgive you if you cannot decide Luke Chapter 12 verse 9.

Clothing With Political Slogans

This is not tough rule, but more use your brain and show discretion. A Che shirt you will get away with, a Trump one perhaps, probably avoid “down with communism”.

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