5 Reasons Albania Should be Your Next Trip

There are some places (Moldova) that it is extremely understandable why so few people ever visit, but Albania as one of the least visited countries in Europe makes zero sense. And why? Because Albania is frankly awesome!

Here are our 5 reasons Albania should be on your bucket list BEFORE the hordes of Germans take over.

5) Albanian cuisine

I have previously written about Albanian Cuisine, but with the whole Mediterranean food fad, Albanian cuisine could well be the next big thing. Salad, olive oil, lot of meat and of course Albanian Raki.

4) The history

Visit Albania as it is rich in History
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Albania has a fascinating history, from the Skanderberg to the Ottoman Empire, to the isolationist regime of Enver Hoxha, Albania has castles, museums, bunkers and a whole host of cool historical shit to check out.

3) The beaches bitches

Albania has a huge Mediterranean coastline and therefore a lot of beaches. Sarande in the south of the country is only 20 minutes ferry from Corfu if that is anything to go by! And the beaches of Albania more than rival those in Greece or Italy, but with a fraction of the tourists.

2) The People

Forget what you have heard about Albanian blood feuds! Albanians are an extremely friendly bunch of people and it is part of their culture to welcome strangers, and after a few Albanian Rakias, you will surely be friends for life.

1) Albania is damned cheap

When it comes to cheap, Albania is bat-shit crazy cheap. A qofte sausage will cost 30 cents, salads $1.50, beers for $1, oh and it goes on. Aside from the Ukraine Albania has to be the cheapest country on earth that you can travel to right now, which combined with the great scenery makes it one of the best places you can travel to.

The Street Food Guy says travel to Albania!

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