Ultimate Koh Kong Guide

This is the Ultimate Koh Kong Guide. Koh Kong is not to be confused with Koh Rong, or Koh Trong, both of which are very nice. Koh Kong is a province and island in the deep south of Cambodia. Before coronavirus few would venture here and information online was scant at best. Nowadays things are worse….

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Koh Kong Guide

Kph Kong is a coastal province in Cambodia that also borders Thailand. Despite having sea, lakes, rivers and mountains it is not exactly on the tourist trail. Now that Covid is here even less tourists come here. But, more on that later. You might notice a theme to this guide.

Koh Kong City is the capital of the province, metropolis though it really is not.

Getting to Koh Kong

First question why you want to come here….OK, so Koh Kong is a 7 hour bus ride from Phnom Penh, it costs $11. It is 4 hours to Sihanoukville and about 5 to Kampot. Traffic and weather dictating all of the above.

Koh Kong Guide – Hotels

Seven hours is a long way not to stay here, but again this is not Las Vegas. Also work on the theory that every guide book and Wikitravel (link) is out of date. Apparently there were two good hostels here, Paddy’s and Fat Sam’s. It would appear that they have now gone. Western wise there really is nothing left here.

  • Chicken Farm Road AKA Street 12 – This is supposedly the crib of Koh Kong where everything happens. These are not busy times.
  • Rosana’s Guesthouse – Just off of the roundabout in Street 12. Mentioned in most guides. Really not much to write home about, but the rooms are $12 a night. So good value and decent location.
  • Apex Koh Kong Hostel – This place has a pool, rents bikes and rooms from $20 a night. Closest thing to a hostel left in Koh Kong. On the road leading to the sea. By the looks of things your best bet for sleeping in Koh Kong.
  • Nathy Koh Kong Hotel – Literally right next to the bus station. This is the most “high end” place in town. It resembles a mix between a Soviet Hotel and the Shining.
  • Koh Rong Resorts – On the outskirts of the down and on the river there are a number os resorts aimed at higher end folk. Even during coronavirus. Of all of them the $river Floating Lodge looked the most legit.

Koh Kong Guide – What to do?

Aside from the resorts there really is not much to do here. The few foreigners that are left here look very lost!

  • Watch Koh Kong FC in the Hun Sen Cup. That was why I was here.
  • Khun Chang Khun Phaen – Is an old folk story from Cambodia. Theres a little bridge, an island and a Buddhist shrine to the story. Takes a Tuk-Tuk to get here, but beautiful sunset and rather pleasant!
Koh Kong FC
Koh Kong FC

Eating/Food Koh Kong

Apparently there were two western restaurants in Koh Kong, Fat Sam’s and Paddy’s. It would appear they are both now closed. There are some cafes and stuff, but you will not be blown away by the restaurants of Koh Kong.

There is though a very nice street food scene in Koh Kong, all down by the seafront/lake. I’m going to give the seafood and street food of Koh Kong it’s own article. Watch this space.

Street food Koh Kong
Koh Kong Street Food

Drinking in Koh Kong

Nothing a theme here? All the bars have closed pretty much. The expats that are left seem to hang out by the riverside. There’s street food here, as well as some higher end hotels and Chinese bars. Apparently there’s a Chinese scene here.

The one bar that does seem to do a roaring trade is also the only nightclub. Berry Pub is loaded on Chicken Farm Road. This is where the cool kids of Koh Kong hangout. A dollar a beer and deep fried chicken feet. A very Khmer nightclub experience, but short of a better idea not much choice else.

Berry Pub
Berry Pub

Getting out of Koh Kong

One of the best things about Koh Kong is leaving! There’s limited buses in and out and if you are in a rush it will mean a taxi. A cab to Kampot will knock you back about $60.

Hopefully one day soon going to Thailand might be an option again.

And that is the Koh Kong Guide! Ignore every other Koh Kong Guide out there, they are very out of date. As things stand only come here if you really must, or if you really love sleepy Cambodian towns.

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