No Wrong in Koh Rong – The best of Koh Toch Guide

The Koh Toch Guide. After arriving via a storm wracked boat from hell we took the 15 minute walk to White Beach Resort. Doing a 15 minute stroll is usually not all that bad, but throw in rain, wind and excess luggage and it can drag a bit.

Nevertheless we had made it! And with no knowledge of when the next boat out would be were here for the foreseeable future. Here is the guide to Koh Toch!

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Koh Toch Guide

There are two stops on Koh Rong before the boat heads to Koh Rong Sanloem. It appeared that the better resorts and restaurants are on Koh Tock, the main beach area of Koh Rong.

Koh Toch Guide

On arrival you exit the pier to rows of shops, not all that many spivs, a mildly paved road and a number of resorts. I’d been informed that White Beach Resort was only 10 minutes walk away. Not so much the case when it is raining.

Where to stay on Koh Tock?

Theres a few cheaper hostels by the pier, but it is all about the beach huts here. Quality and price varies, White Beach was the only one that offered AC, so it won the day. You can bargain them down to about $30 a night, on the beach (offseason), although fan rooms and dorms at other places cost almost nothing (I saw a dorm for $6).

Essentially a lot depends on the time of year, weather and indeed if the island is open. The recent spike in Covid-19 cases has seen the island quarantined more than once.

White Beach Resort

Koh Toch Guide
White beach resort at Koh Toch

Resort as a word seems to get bandied about quite liberally in Cambodia. As things stand the bar and restaurant here are closed and the only food being offered was noodles, or fried rice. I can confirm both dishes were very good! But a resort it did not make!

The rooms though were fabulous and offered not only reliable AC, but stunning views of the fabulous Koh Tock beach. During nicer weather more swimming jollies may have been enjoyed.

Koh Toch nightlife?

Koh Toch Nightlife
Koh Toch

What is the nightlife of Koh Tock like? Theres a number of bars all along the beach serving safe food and cheap drinks. Very much an island vibe, particularly during the off-season. I saw adverts for full moon parties and a “police party”, but they are very much not happening right now. Overall though I’d say Treehouse Bungalows wins for best place to hang out.

Street food Koh Toch Guide

Koh Toch

Probably the best meal I had was on the beach in Koh Tock, a big local crab for only $12.50, expensive by local standards, but not bad for a whole freaking crab. We did our best to open it as much as possible with scissors, whilst the rain continually blew away our hats and drinks. No pain, no gain. Great meal and the ends justified the means.

Koh Toch Guide – Best restaurant

Tree House Bungalows Restaurant

Just along from White Beach is a place called Tree House Bungalows Restaurant and Bar. Its not exactly reinventing the wheel, but has a great seating area along the beach, and actual fully stocked bar (with bartender) and a decent menu.

The main dish that blew the minds was a mixed seafood plate including white fish, squid and shrimp for $10, with the takeaway pizzas also doing s sterling job when you get the 3 am munchies!

What is there to do on Koh Toch?

The Koh Toch guide – what is there to do? When things are normal, and by normal I mean not rainy season and during a global pandemic there’s a fair bit to do here. Diving, snorkeling, ride around the island, boat trips, full moon parties, but alas these are not exactly normal times.

Koh Toch

But what it does offer is solitude and beauty! If you have a good book to read, patience and a love for walking down the beach leisurely, picking up shells and enjoying great food, then Koh Tock is paradise, whatever the weather…..

And that is the Koh Toch Guide. There

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