What’s it like to visit Libya? – The Ultimate Photo Guide

What’s it like to visit Libya? During the time of Colonel Gaddafi I had more than a passing interest in the country. Gaddafi was certainly a maverick and with his Green Book and unique take on Socialism I really want dot visit the country.

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Alas all that was to change with the first Libyan Civil War and the west’s rather liberal take on a “no fly zone”/ Say what you want about Gaddafi, but Libya was a prosperous state that build things like the Egg Restaurant in Sudan, but is now basically a failed state.

Why did I not Visit Libya?

Ironically not long after the fall of the Gaddafi regime there was instantly an attempt to start a tourist industry. I was invited on a free research trip, but alas it was not to be. A British guy and an American girl were on a beach in Libya and killed by Islamist militants and the rest as they say is history. 

This was a very rare occasion when I was glad to have a trip cancelled. 

Can you visit Libya now?

Life is all about change, wars may ravage on, but as we have seen in Afghanistan they end at some point, even if the team you wanted to win didn’t win.

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As things currently stand there are a number of safe areas under government control which you can visit as part of small 4 pax tours, guided North Korea style and with no recourse to go “free-style”. Maybe this will to be for everyone, but that isn’t important, if you are a dare-devil, now is the time to see Libya. 

What is a tour to Libya like?

Controlled, but also very exiting. The excitement comes from many areas, such as the genuine possibility of danger, but also the fact that you will see some amazing sites, places that should be swamped by tourists, but are empty.

And then there is the food, Libyan street food, as you will see from the pictures is amazing. Couple this in with the fact that Libyans are truly friendly and hospitable and this really is a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

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