The Live Corner – Siem Reap

I’ve decided to move from my “best x in Siem Reap” style blog for once and simply just review one of my favorite restaurants in Siem Reap, Live Corner.

Live Corner Siem Reap is located on the corner street (would you guess) of Pub Street. This is one of the few places that seemingly managed to stay open throughout the whole COVID-19 period alongside Cozy Bar and Bemiro’s Pizza.

Actually when it comes to the whole coronavirus nonsense The Live Corner is not only huge, but open plan and with an outside area. With the whole city not being all that busy this makes it a good place to dine if you are worried about COVID-19 in Siem Reap.

The Live Corner Siem Reap drinks

Dispatching with safety warning I’ll move right onto he drinks list. Standard Cambodia Beer on tap, a decent range of IPA’s, a huge cocktail list, that includes jugs of various tipples, as well as the last major food group, jager.

The Live Corner Siem Reap spring rolls

Appetizer wise it is has a fairly standard menu, with the jump out option being the exceptional Khmer style spring rolls.

Now whilst they do not always have it there is another dish that made me fall in love with Live Corner and that is Beef Carpaccio. If you are not familiar with the humble carpaccio, it is thin slices of raw tuna topped with parmesan cheese (whole rather than grated). Sadly they don’t always have it, but i’ll give them “best beef carpaccio in Siem Reap” for when it is in stock.

The main men u is filled with all manner dishes you’d expect from this kind of establishment from Cheeseburgers to Lok Lak, but what I always go for is the stone cooked steak that is forever on the “specials” menu.

The Live Corner Siem Reap steak with potato

The stone cooked list includes salmon, and the tree versions of steak, all coming with a potato based side. I usually go for the sirloin, but what I love most about here is because they now know me, and that I like my steak REALLY rare, they serve the beef on the side and let me cook it myself! This made all the more beautiful by the three awesome pepper and mustard sauces that come with your own steak.

There’s a dessert list that looks pretty decent and includes at least one cheese cake varietal too, although I have yet to partake.

Excellent venue for people watching, well priced and they even accept Amex! A firm SFG thumbs up for Live Corner, Pub Street, Siem Reap.

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