Cambodia Beer

Cambodia is one of those countries that has a tourist beer, namely Angkor a beer for the die hard locals, namely Ganzberg (which is horrendous) and a nice normal beer that everyone drinks, ala Cambodia Beer!

Who makes this fabulous beverage?

Well funnily enough I have previously spoken of this in my #colaquest coverage of Ize Cola (a soft drink marginally than its rival Big Cola) that both are made by Chip Mong Group. It was difficult even to find this information as there is scant info online about the beer.

Cambodian Beer on ice

Where can I buy Cambodia Beer?

Everywhere! A draft costs as little as 50 cents and a bottle rarely exceeds 2 bucks even in fancy joints!

Draft Cambodia Beer

How do you serve Cambodia Beer?

It’s served draft in most places, but when by the bottle they do the whole beer on ice thing that I’m kinda getting used to. Some say the ice is due to previous lack of refrigeration others that it’s to mask the taste. You be the judge..

Cambodia Beer

Rebranding of Cambodia Beer

In December of 2019 Cambodia rebranded with a tougher in your face bulked letter logo. Previously it was more traditional. I have emphasised this boring fact through featuring old logo below.

Old logo Cambodia Beer can

Is Cambodia Beer any good?

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On a hot day, which to be fair is most days here a draft Cambodia can be amazing. When it’s in bottle form the previously mentioned ice does the trick, but is it good? It’s great value for 50 cents and it’s the best beer made in Cambodia. Take from that what you will…..


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