Ganzberg Beer isn’t very good

Ganzberg beer isn’t very good. I could leave the blog there pretty much, but let’s go through the motions.

When you are traveling through Cambodia you will see one beer advertised almost everywhere, I mean like literally everywhere, and that is Ganzberg Beer. Although it is not the most well known, or indeed popular beer in the country, with that falling on Angkor Beer, and Cambodian Beer, both of which as I have now discovered can be very much enjoyed over ice.

But, hey advertising does actually work, and whilst our nightly “social distancing” shop at our local quickly mart my esteemed colleague Nic Song-Dok said, “Hey I have seen this beer advertised everywhere, let’s try it”. Monkey see, monkey do, and we purchased 4 cans of Ganzberg.

I’ll get onto its putrid taste later, but when deciding to write a blog about the beer got myself onto the Ganzberg website, put my age wrong, and was duly locked out of the site. How ridiculous is this? Age verification websites that rely on honesty??? Give me a break. Maybe they should try that with porn…..

When I finally did get on to the website it really didn’t tell me all that much except that Ganzberg Beer is a German-style beer and it has won the Gold Monde Award for 3 years running 2017 – 2018 and 2019. Hurrah, although it really means cock all, Tanduay Rum also claims to be the best rum in the world.

So as to the taste of Ganzberg Beer! Well “German Beers” are a real thing in Asia, or at least they try to be, with most Chinese beer trying to be German in orientation. Sadly they all seem to get it wrong. Ganzberg was too sour, tasted too strong (although it wasn’t), and just did not do the job for me. Ganzberg also smelt a bit funny, something I worked of it was just me. It wasn’t, in fact residents near wear Ganzberg is brewed have complained it smells so bad as to make the area unlivable.

In fact the only redeemable whiskey I could find for Ganzberg is that they seemingly sponsor Arsenal FC. In honour of this finished the two cans.

Update – 25/7/2020

Ganzberg is still not very good. That is all.

Ganzberg in Stung Trung

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